Typographic Video was created by students in Advanced Media, a course in the School of Design Innovation at Arizona State University. For more context on this work-in-progress, see other videos from this class or read the official project description on the course syllabus. The video was produced by Amy Ashton, Angie Copolillo, Josh Davis, Garrett Fox, Princess King-Taylor, Jennifer Lane, Adam Martin and Paris Polcyn.

Take time out of your busy day to enjoy some type in motion. After all, it is Tuesday.

You've seen this concept before. A city made of type. This time for the New York Times.

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Typography videos

When teaching typography, I sometimes like to start presentations off with an interesting video.

For example, a friend of mine just showed me the DVNO video.

I am suggesting we all pitch in and help each other build a library of typography videos to excite young design students. Imagine a room full of 18-24 year old 1st-2nd year design students who don’t know a lot about type, and if they do, they probably think it’s dull.

I’ve used

A clip from Hero with the dying calligraphers

Thanks for your time.

[edit — some links are now borken. I will try to fix soon]

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