2008 Typophile Tee Battle

Type Battle 25 - 2008 Typophile Tee Design

// UPDATE We've announced the winner. Stay alert for pre-ordering information.


Design it any way you want. Literal, figurative, custom-lettering, &c. There are no requirements to use the word Typophile or any given logo. (Just follow the terms outlined below.)

Below are the past few years' tees for reference.


1 Download the 2008 Tee Template
2 Design your tee. Include your suggested shirt color from the American Apparel website
3 Turn all your fonts to outlines. (We don't own every font!)
4 Convert to vector EPS and name your file thusly: Battle25_FirstName_LastName.eps
5 Compress the Illustrator EPS file (Zip, Stuffit, etc.)
6 Email the file to typophile [at] punchcut.com on or before Monday, June 30th 2008
7 You’re not done! You must post a GIF to this thread.


Judging // Punchcut will judge the entries, keeping in mind the popularity of the entries in the thread. We'll determine which design(s) get printed and the quantity of the print run.

Copyright Retention // Participants (those who submit entries to Typophile) grant Typophile permission to use the artwork/design for promotional use, including a t-shirt, as we see fit, for applications not limited to apparel. Any mentions of products or promotional items will be accompanied by proper credit to the designer (in online product listings, etc). Participants retain copyrights and Typophile agrees not to sell or transfer our usage rights. (In other words, we don’t require exclusive rights, just unlimited usage.)

Prizes // This is a battle. There are no prizes (unless some benefactor makes something available for us to give away). We will mail the winner 3 tees in your choice of sizes.* Your finished designs will be appropriately credited with your name or your firm’s name as you specify. By participating you pledge that your work is of your own design and further, that fonts or other rights-protected imagery used in your design are licensed for such use by you or the organization you represent.

*UPDATE! In addition to receiving three t-shirts, the winner will also receive their choice of the most complete digital type reference in the world, FontBook from FontShop International or Made with FontFont, a beautiful showcase of the history and influence of award winning foundry FontFont.

Thanks so much to FontShop for this generous offer.

**UPDATE! OK, so we aren't done there. Threadless has been keeping their eye on this battle, they like what they see and have offered to give our winner a $100 gift certificate to their shop! What a deal - our winner is going to be the happiest little typographer, and the hippest.

A big THANK YOU to Threadless for their generosity.


ihoff's picture

Typefaces (first draft). Not sure which shape works best?

ihoff's picture

Ricardo: like the interpretation :) There are no doubt more on that theme. I'd drop the line below.

ihoff's picture

Ricardo: like the interpretation :) There are no doubt more on that theme. I'd drop the line below.

Sharon Van Lieu's picture

Hey, we redheads need shirts, too!! I would love to wear Carl's and Zara's shirts for that reason. :-)


William Berkson's picture

Sharon, good point--they could do it in two colors.

Personally, I want to see ladies in my "more swash" one :)

ihoff's picture

Redheads look great in black. :)

hj's picture


Graham Rendoth's picture

ihoff, yes my ‘type odyssey’ could work OK in black/grey/red but I just thought the idea should be rendered casually... not too serious. Maybe brighter.
Satya’s minimalist stripes work for me... maybe with no type on front, just light/reg/bold/italic on back.
Who will triumph?

BB's picture


I just had a thought for your split personality or personali'T'
(this isn't a submission only an idea...)

ihoff's picture

graham: i see what you mean. i have to admit an ulterior motive: i wouldn't wear a tan t-shirt, and i'm hoping some people will take up andi's idea of posting their ideas on cafe press. would wear the HAL t-shirt. ;)

BB: like it. persontali-tee came to mind, but the T is better. nice one! ;)

antofa's picture

My proposal #2:

antofa's picture

My proposal #3:

Joe Pemberton's picture

Fantastic. Way to close the contest with a bang! We'll be letting the last entries drizzle in through midnight. Look for instructions in the morning!

Miss Tiffany's picture

Sorry. I'm just part of the drizzle. Not trying to steal any of Jos' bang.

stuartsymons's picture

There are so many fantastic designs here. Regardless of the winner, will there be a way to buy these t-shirts?

bchrisdesigns's picture

Drizzle, drizzle... lol... I worked on two entries. And, of course, I am getting them sent in just in the nick o' time. I am still learning how to compress files. I used WinRar, can anyone tell me if that is okay? It is what I use to open compressed files, so I thought it would be okay. Here is my first entry, "I TYPE":

(The color is American Apparel's Asphalt.)

bchrisdesigns's picture

And, here is my second entry:

(The color is American Apparel's Sea Blue.)

I am new to the site, so go easy on me. LOL! I stumbled upon this glorious site through some friends on RedBubble.com. There are such great designs here! Good luck everybody!

cheshiredave's picture

Zara did say midnight, didn't she? Here are my two, just under the wire...

Apologies to Tiff: I love the sleeve tag idea. So classy!

Awesome work, everyone. I particularly love Tim's ambigrams, Jos's stacked version, and Tiff's Obsess (way to rock the Serif Gothic!).

And thanks to Yves for the T rating shout-out; I had fun doing that.

Mersault's picture

Sorry if my entry is late! Hopefully I'm still in the running.

It's a series of the 'Typophile' 'T' alternating up and down. One in black and white and one in color. I'd see them printed on white or pink (maybe pink only for the black and white graphic).

Also NateCox, I really enjoyed your layout one - that one is rad.

Mersault's picture

Here it is in color:

Miss Tiffany's picture

Chesh! You entered! I love the "font nerd"!

It is actually Hypatia Sans. :^o

Tobias_Goth's picture

I like your light, regular, bold, italic-shirt Satya. Big up!

AnalogSystm's picture

Uhhh. Just came from my holiday and saw this contest. If I'm to late then ok :)

Oscar Bjarna

ihoff's picture

have bad

jupiterboy's picture

Take two asterisks and post again in the morning.

ihoff's picture

If only asterisks weren't so hard to swallow.

MindBrain's picture

Hey this is too cool a project to limit it to a week! How about extend it a week or 2!! I want to get an entry in but I'm working on portfolio stuff.

Zara Evens's picture

@MindBrain: It would be great to extend, however we have printing deadlines to meet. We'll try to do this again soon, and we will definitely be holding more Type Battles of other kinds.

We are looking over all the designs and hope to have a decision by tomorrow. (Wednesday July 2).
Thanks all for the great work!

Joe Pemberton's picture

My Flickr stream has a quick update (teasers, not spoilers) and a little something I found while digging through our storage. http://www.flickr.com/photos/joepemberton/sets/72157605942854718/

Zara Evens's picture


So our winner is going to receive three shirts in their choice of sizes, a FontBook or Made with FontFont book, and…

$100 gift certificate to Threadless! w00t!

Threadless has been keeping their eye on this battle and have offered this generous donation to our winner. Thanks Threadless!

To tease you a little more, we have picked our winner and are prepping the files to go to print. Announcement coming soon!

fallenartist's picture

Nice! Congrats to the winner, whoever (s)he is :)


andi emery's picture

Sooooo?? Are you going to throw us a bone before the weekend??

ihoff's picture

This is for those of you wondering where the winner announcement is:

"SN Rajpurohit from Ahmedabad, India has won the contest with his submission Light, Regular, Bold & Bold Italic."

andi aw masry's picture

Congratulation for the result !!!
But i have seen more amazing peoples here.
Very creative, Smart & Fun :-))
Thank you.

Best Regards - Andi AW. Masry

chungdehtien's picture

i was thinking about Rick Griffin's poster when i came up with this.

dezcom's picture

Well, the finished product has arrived--at least here in Virginia!



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