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We are currently using a mix of Stag, Stag Sans for our materials (large type brochures, letters and Keynote presentations), as well as 'whatever is at hand' for emails and web (e.g. MS Trebuchet)

The recent availability of Stag as a 'direct' web font has opened the opportunity to unify our communications as well as look & feel. We would like, in particular to unify letters, web and email using the same font set.

I have tested Stag (headlines) + Stag Sans (body) for web and it looks quite good. However Stag Sans is still not ideal for everyday body text: punctuation a bit too tight and doesn't do numbers particularly well (e.g. for invoicing).

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Alternative to Stag Sans


I am trying to find an similar (as close as possible) web font alternative to Stag Sans. Is there any one who can suggest a good and more common alternative? Your suggestions are very much appreciated.

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