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I'm a Graphic Designer, and I absolutely HATE being stuck with having to create Vector artwork from a scanned copy of a logo on letterhead paper. To make it worse, it was a scanned copy of a copy. My customer has no idea what the name of the fonts used in this logo are. I know I've seen these fonts before, but I just can't seem to locate it! I've already re-designed the "logo" part, now I just need to re-type the wording and be done with it! Any ideas?? Any help is greatly appreciated!!!!

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Typeface Assistance

Good Afternoon Everyone,

I was wondering if I could reach out into the type community and get a little assistance in figuring out the typefaces used for the following logo. I'm a newbie to Typophile and I do apologize if I'm doing anything incorrectly. I'm just a little stuck figuring out these typefaces.

Thank you for your time,


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