Does anyone know of a resource that could be used to determine the popular fonts for books, particularly non-fictional books, in a particular region, for example a particular country, for particular dates? The typogeography of europe map is something like that, but I of course need a timeline on font popularity.

If not how would you go about discovering this information?

I am thinking particularly of historically popular fonts in Denmark.
I do not need a 100% accurate result...a result that tells me that a particular font was likely high in popularity at a given date would be adequate.

Dates might be as far back as the 1750s to today.

"Broken Letters: A Typogeography of Europe
Frank Jacobs on August 12, 2012, 8:27 PM

"There are many ways to look at Europe other than as a collection of nation-states. Plenty of other imagined communities lurk beneath the surface of the standard political map. Check out the continent's alcohol belts [1], have a look at its core and periphery [2], or inspect the languages in which Europeans tweet [3].

"What you'd probably not consider, is to study a map of the different alphabets in official use across Europe today."


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