album cover

Does anyone know what font was used on the cover of The Who's My Generation album?


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Kerning League Gothic

Is the kerning here alright? I'm especially unsure about the /gs/, /li/ and /hi/. Also about the space between the words. The design demands everything to be evenly spaced out, but I've looked at it for so long...

Thanks for any comments

Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thank you!

Anyone have ideas for the 2 fonts on this image?
Thank you very much!

I'm trying to match this font from a private press album that was released in 1982 in New York City.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

hi everyone.. do you have any idea what fonts are these?? except for the "B2ST" one... I know its a Batman Forever font.. But i really have no idea about the rest..esp that "Midnight Sun" font.. would you pls help me.. thank you so much!!! >_<

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