do you know this font? please help

Hi All,

I've got the font below and want to make it bigger but keep it sharp. Does anyone know which font it is so I can make a new pic?
Please help.



I recently did some typesetting at Jarrolds Print Museum, in Norwich, England.

I printed with a wood letter typeface, called 'Sans Bold "34". I've created a logo out of this font, and now want to use it for the rest of the identity. Is anyone familiar with this typeface, and could you recommend a computerised version?


Harry Hepburn

Looking for this font, The Uppercase R and lowercase e are throwing me off?

I am looking to Identify this typeface, can anyone help, it would be greatly appreciated.


I love the plank type structure of this quirky font. Its the capitals of main text I'm mostly interested in but small case below would be a bonus. I hear you are the experts- I'm not despite my hours of searching through random font sites. Can anyone help ;-))

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