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Chank signs with New Zealand type designer

The following article appeared on April 2, 2002 in The Evening Post, published in Wellington, New Zealand, on the Money & Business page. Special thanks to Ramsey Margolis for bringing it to our...

> Dear friends: > > We are glad to announce a new version of, that appears at the same time that a very good new: On march, 25th, our friend and collaborator...

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Not sure if you are all aware, but Emigré has recently updated several of their fonts. The most extensive update was done to Mrs. Eaves.

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To my colleagues at the Typophile Forums: new graphic, typographic and Hebrew font design from Israel at Oded Ezer Design Studio's new website now open are invited ! I hope that you'll find the site relaxing, informative and an insight into the Oded Ezer Design Studio and its work. This website was built from the soul, so I hope that by visiting the site, you will use the opportunity to enjoy the creative process. Any comments, positive or negative, are most welcome. <

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Typophile Site of the Day 3/27/02

The Society of Typographic Aficionados (SOTA) has announced plans for its fourth annual conference. To be held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, TypeCon2002 will feature exciting presentations and...

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TDC2 Winners Posted!

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Roxy Fonts : a brand new foundry from Mexico

After almost one year in the making, Roxy Fonts, the first mexican digital type foundry is here with a monthly offering of six new fonts designed in and with love by Victor Yb Delgado. For...

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&#34;Copyright = Monopoly&#34;

An incisive article in Icograda's current issue (#5 of 2002):

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LOGO &#39;CONTEST&#39;

Ran into this link on another site. Syndicate Pictures is looking to redesign its logo, with $500 as a 'prize'. Also, see ITC Anna in full effect on their existing logo.

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Fountain Press Release

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! In the spirit of Christmas - the season we spend celebrating a big man with a white beard & a red outfit - we release 4 new typefaces: Filt designed by...

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Web Font Myths

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Mordecai Richler Font

This font made some headlines in Canada earlier this week. A font was commissioned for the late author Mordecai Richler and was designed by Nick Shinn.

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Fountain Update

Fountain Update November 6, 2001 Malmo, Sweden NO SLEEP TO HAMBURG. Our friend from Hamburg

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TipoGr&aacute;fica Conference

Killer conference down south: Featuring Carter and Gurtler, among...

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If you're near the SF Bay Area, this is definitely worth seeing. I was impressed by the exhibit. It displays some of the early tissues of a lot of great faces. Being new to the city, I...

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Just for the fun of it...

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Archive through September 06, 2001

bukva:raz! Type design competition of the Association Typographique Internationale, 2001

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French experimentations &amp; news

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