Prompted initially by commercial lettering and landmarks of the ’20s and ’30s, David Jonathan Ross fused a high-contrast style with a rationalized structure of flattened curves and wide-open apertures to devise this glimmering sans-serif family with slight Deco undertones. Condor has an unusually broad wingspan: from taut, compact weights that flaunt their athletic energy to bright, airy styles that radiate luxuriously; FB 2010

60 Styles: Extra Light, Light, Regular, Medium, Bold, and Black, all with italics in Compressed, Condensed, Normal, Wide, and Extended widths

Our "happy tyographic families" game is available in english!
74 cards to understand, learn or revise typography with fun and with friends.
Presented in a plexiglass box.
Available on:
Buy it for Christmas. 10 € only!

Ascender is pleased to announce that a distribution agreement with the talented lettering artist Laura Worthington. Laura has been in the type design field since 1997 and she has a deep passion type and lettering design.

Newspaper design consultant Mario Garcia interviewed Cyrus Highsmith coming off of Highsmith's lecture "The Smell of Books":

‘Sendai’ is a new 6-weight typeface family, designed by British type designer Philip Kelly.
The typeface is comfortable in text usage with the slightly condensed shapes that help save space and also achieve punchy display headlines. The restrained serifs are a nod to the Latin styles of the past. The fonts are available exclusively from Philip Kelly Digital Design directly. The fonts are supplied in OpenType Postscript format which is Mac and Windows compatible. PDF Brochure available via:

Talented Austrian designer Wolfgang Homola brings us Soleil, an innovative and fresh geometric sans serif that stands out among its peers. While Soleil's letter shapes take advantage of concepts behind mathematics and geometrical construction to inspire their appearance, it is its careful design process and attention to legibility that provides fluidity and cohesiveness to the typeface. Soleil promises great performance in a wide range of applications, from wayfinding to editorial design.

Starting in November and for a very limited time, all customers who buy the Sirba Bundle in our store will receive, completely free of charge, a copy of this special Sirba type specimen. This collectors piece was designed and produced by Nicolien Van der Keur, original designer of Sirba. The 24-page specimen has been partially printed in letterpress on a wide range of selected papers and has an embossed cover. There are only 525 copies of this collector's item.

Veronika was invited to lead a two-day workshop during the 12th "Tage der Typografie", organised by Tania Huckenbeck and Peter Reichard with the support of Akademie Druck+Medien NRW. The event started with an afternoon of lectures and continued with four different simultaneous truely analog workshops. Most of Veronika's students were beginners with very little experience in type design, but with a lot of enthusiams. They started off with some quick drawing excercises experimenting with three parameters. Those were then combined and developed further to a personal design.


Our typefaces Adelle and Maiola were selected in the first Ukrainian typeface competition and then exhibited at the Rutenia Calligraphy & Typography Festival in Kyiv. Lectures, master-classes and an open-air workshop "Street Calligraphy" were all part of the two-day event. The exhibition though runs until the 22nd November. On the festival website it reads: "The festival mission is to revive an interest in calligraphy and typography in Ukraine, to provide a place to communicate for calligraphers, typeface designers, typographers, publishers, creative professionals, advertising industry workers, art students, and all the people who care about visual form of word or book as well as about its content."

I've launched 3 new limited edition prints today, 'Dreams',
'Stars' and 'So Much To Do'. I'm really pleased how they
turned out. I'm attaching a few images. More details here:

I've also had a major website update with new typographic
commissions for clients including Cadbury, Macy's and Liberty.


Seb Lester

Minority Language in Today's Global Society: Alive and Digital

Saturday, Nov. 20th, 10:00 am- 5:00 pm
Sunday, Nov. 21st, 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Location: Trace Foundation's Latse Library, 132 Perry Street, 2nd Floor, NY, NY 10014

More info and registration:

In this digital age, technology is playing an increasingly important role in both the preservation and development of minority languages. From blogs and video sharing to text messaging and social media, powerful technologies are shaping the future of minority languages. This movement is stretching the boundaries of minority language communities beyond “geographical place” into a “digital place,” bringing together communities from all regions of the world.

Design Micro Museum With and About Lettering
MuseumsQuarter Vienna / Gangway between square 1 and square 2


WELCOMETO.AS (Lausanne / Davis, California)

Opening reception: November 26, 2010 // 6 p.m.
Ongoing until March 2011

The TYPOPASSAGE Vienna is a unique, innovative museum project, curated by design studio bauer – konzept & gestaltung.

Robin is a dingbats font in OpenType format that allows you to compose easily an infinity of arrows thanks to a logical use of the keyboard: as long as you want, as sharp as you want, as simple or decorative as you want.

Alphabet Soup Type Founders and Michael Doret are proud to announce the release of the “Steinweiss Script” family on MyFonts.

These fonts began began their journey towards daylight when Michael Doret was asked by Taschen Publishing to do cover lettering for the huge commemorative edition they were putting together on the work of Alex Steinweiss—“The Inventor of the Modern Album Cover”. The lettering was to be created to appear similar to the famous “Steinweiss Scrawl” the calligraphy that Steinweiss had used on countless album covers:

LeBeaune is a contemporary lapidary engraved font with many ligatures and alternative letters.
This font was at first drawn for the famous town in Burgundy (France) for its corporate identity and signage.
This version is entirely redrawn and digitalized.
It's an openType font.
You can have a preview, download the specimen and buy at:

I've redesigned my website and I'd like to share with you:

I hope you like it

D&AD Awards 2011 now open for entry.
We're looking for the best type of 2010.
Enter before Monday 29 November 2010 to save 10%
Final deadline Monday 31 January 2011
Visit the entry site for more information

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Storm Type Foundry new website

I'd like to invite you to see our new website, yet beta version, but fully functional. Your critique is very welcome. At the occasion of launching, we've released also some new fonts such as Fenix, modernised Rondka, Negro Slim, Patzcuaro Estrecho, among earlier released Walbaum 2010 or Abalda.


Piel Script

After several years receiving images and request for tattoo design using some of our fonts we are proud to announce the release of our lastest font addition with tattoo style on mind.

See the specimen here
License the font here

About Piel Script

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St Bride Announces...

Letterpress: Forward thinking

* Friday 19 November 2010
* 9:30 am (registration from 8.45)
* In the Bridewell Hall, St Bride Foundation
* Tickets £75/£60 FoSB members * concessions £30/£25 FoSB members

Join us for a day packed with talks, demonstrations and discussion celebrating new ideas and practice in handset typography.

Book tickets online:

Programme now online:

Letterpress, we were once told, was a thing of the past. Yet, now letterpress is very clearly the focus of renewed enthusiasm. Interest in setting types by hand continues to grow, with an increase in letterpress activity further fuelled by an ongoing concern with visual authenticity. For many, letterpress offers something beyond straightforward graphic reproduction. It offers the means to create hand-made objects of worth.

After 13 months of hard work, Iza W and Intellecta Design are proud to announce Penabico. This is a free interpretation of the copperplate script styles to be found in the Universal Penman.

London, 1741, the monumental publication of engraved work by George Bickham (along with collaborators Joseph Champion, Wellington Clark, Nathaniel Dove, Gabriel Brooks, William Leckey and many others).

This enhanced OpenType version is a complete solution for producing documents and artworks which need this kind of calligraphic script: More…

100s of stylistic alternates for each letter (upper- and lowercase), accessed with the glyph palette;

We have received many queries about using our typefaces on websites and we want to make sure all of our customers have all the necessary tools to work on a wide range of media. Hence TypeTogether has partnered up with four trusted companies that are able to reliably serve our fonts for your websites and provide you with the necessary technical support. We invite you to check out their website and start enjoying TypeTogether's fonts on the web.


Due to several requests and many of you creative types (excuse the pun) not having had time to get round to organising your submissions for our first Type Annual, we've decided to be accommodating and extend the deadline. You now have until November 5 to submit your entries.

We've also added a new judge to our panel. John Bateson, acting Course Director at the UAL MA Graphic branding and identity course
and current Chairman of the Typographic Circle Association will be joining Mark, Coralie, Andy and Fiona.
The Creative Review Type Annual will be published with next February's issue.

Entry information

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