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A clean, simple font used by Fake Empire Productions. Any idea what it is?

Looking to ID the "Piedmont" typeface here. It's somewhat geometric (similar to Futura or Gotham) but the "M" has the sloped sides. Bureau Eagle is similar but has the pointed vertices for the "M" and "N."

As a bonus, also would like to know what "Garage Doors" is set in as well.

I think we all know the other typeface here. And the likely story behind it ("Can you open this in Word and just add "A Brenner Family..." along the bottom? Yes! Perfect!")

Any ideas?


I have been trying to identify the typestyle of the "t" and "c" in the attached image, but have been unsuccessful. Can anyone help me out?

Much appreciated,

Hi all,

It would be awesome if you could identify the font stating "WILSON" in this sample!

The gatefold album is from 1977.

I am in love with this ampersand. (The terminals on the "C" are pretty awesome as well.) Any thoughts?

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