I've seen some type designer used ttfAutohint For those who have tried it, can you give us your comments. Also, It seems possible to installed it on MAC OSX, however after a few inconclusive tests, I failed. Your help would be useful to help me to installed it. Thanks!

I have made some comparative tests with OpenSans and ttfautohint 0.8. with WinGDI Cleartype and Greyscale.
Tested original font (OpenSans regular, Light, Extra Bold), plus - unhinted, ttfautohint with 'taller xheight', and regular ttfautohint versions.

The most significant issue remaining is the rendering at small text sizes with bolder weights, e.g. ttfautohinted versions can't yet emulate the finesse of a human manually hinting chars such as 'a', 'e', 'g' etc with such few pixels to play with. However, to my mind in the medium size text ranges i can see characters rendered a bit 'better' by ttfautohint ;)

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