Hey guys!

I’m currently working on branding for an Asian city and I imagine the wordmark to have a modern, Western-friendly appeal, but with a subtle Asian warmth and sharpness to it.

ITC Symbol Std has caught my attention so far, but I’m really not comfortable with the varying thickness of the stems and the loops. Also, the thicker weights look nice but when it comes down to the lighter weights, the typeface looks odd.

I have also found Penumbra to be appealing although I wish it had more subtle serifs and available lowercase letters for the wordmark I’m designing.

Dear all, I am working on developing a logo for a Korean exhibition.
I would like it to have a Korean feel and base it on a traditional yin yang, please see the attached image.

Could anyone please suggest any western typefaces that have a similar feel to the Korean symbols surrounding the yin yang in the attached image? (I would like to have the exhibition title going around the yin yang) Thank you very much in advance and any help is greatly appreciated!

Hello, I found this vintage poster online, and I really like the font at the bottom of the poster. I tried a couple different methods to try and see if there was a font for it, but didn't find anything. I figured maybe someone has seen the font before or maybe something similar?

The link to the actual poster is below. I am also attaching a rough tracing of the font as a jpeg in case that helps.

Thanks in advance!

Hi guys,
does anyone know of a typeface that is similar to the one attached here?
I'm working on a novel that centers around a vietnam refugee, and I'd love to set the title in something like this.

Thanks in advance!

I'm concepting out some UI ideas for game and my AD wants to find a font that looks like futuristic graffiti. He wants something in the style of Extreme-G or Virtual On, but readable enough for buttons.

Any recommendations for fonts like that?

Here's references,

Extreme-G Logo

Virtual On Logo


Can anyone ID these?

Sample 1: the neon sign "Sai Woo" at

Sample 2: Attached

Sample 3: (the "Good Buddy" words)

Thank you so much!

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