I need to move all glyphs 8 points to the right for improved spacing.
Is there any easy way of doing this across the whole font at once, without having to move each one individually?

im a newbie . i hv created a font n working on its opentype features .
things is i want to add kerning feature for a single glyph with certain glyphs so it wont affect any next glyph.
so in fontlab it is not possible so i was trying this in VOLT . in volt it works fine after compiling. but when i tried to use in real world ( in IL, PS) nothing has happened. if missing something? i tried to export feature so i can edit them in FL but fontlab cnt read that lookups.
or volt do positioning for Unicodes only?
i dont kno really

any comments?
i hv attached an image as well wut i want.

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