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Rolo Candy Font

I am doing a class project for Rolo candy, a counter top Point of Purchase display. I have not been able to find a "Rolo" font and I fear that because the product was created so long ago, that the lettering was hand drawn. Is there a Rolo font, or something very close to it. I would prefer free - I am a struggling student - free is always good!

Hey. I'm trying to figure out the typeface that Chupa Chups uses on their website/ads.
I know the logo itself was custom made by Salvador Dali, but does anyone know the typefaces used here?

I would like to know both the body type and the type on the bottom of the page used for contact info.

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Any ideas. The closest I got was Bob Alonso's Flix or someone's drawn serifs on Antique Olive.

Thanks in advance..

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