Hello Typo-Interested Fellows

I've been looking for (freedom) but foremost a suitable monospace font for a project I'm working on.
I appreciate all kinds of hints (Names, URL's and so on) – looking specifically for clean, constructed, modular Typefaces.

Thanks heaps for your help.

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Input on best 60's-70's fonts.

I've enjoyed the posts on this site a lot but never posted. I thought it was time to post a question to the users here. I'm having some trouble finding the font I have in my mind.

I'm designing a game with a retro feel in the genre of Evel Knievel. Trying to plan out a couple cool fonts to use. One for title's more bold and one for small block text. I thought this was a smart community to ask for some input. ;)

So far I've got Canadice, Funkydori, and Benuiat charisma.

I appreciate any help or direction.


Please some help id-ing this stylish script font.

Can anyone help me id-ing this stylish sans serif font?
Especially the ampersand is great.

Thanks in advance.

Hi All,

Anyone got a handle on what this is? Really like this typeface...
Have a look and let me know. Thanks!

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