history of typography

I'm curious about the history of the bullet point -- ie. when it came into popular usage and how its name originated. Does anything have any information on this?


Hey Guys,

I was wondering if anyone could help me. I am looking into the use of Bevel fonts (see example image below) and I am struggling to find a history of the font - where it came about/why it came about/any decent foundries that specialise in Beveled fonts.

If anyone knows anything about Bevel fonts i'd really appreciate it.


often have i read that the color of red has been the only available color in "the old days" to distinct an element from the rest of the black typography. so red is often called the "color of typography".

but why is that? does somebody know any source that explains the reason behind this? i assume that color was something rare then, and probably red was easier (?) to produce, but why? does anybody know how red color was produced during the times of gutenberg or why it was often chosen as the only color next to black?

thanks a lot in advance.

The idea for a Book on Books comes from John Boardley – the well-known editor of ilovetypography.com, the Codex magazine and inventor / originator of lots and lots of other interesting and innovative activities in the field of typography. He will edit the paper version of our work and write about the typefaces. We hope to publish it with Gestalten.

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