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Hi everyone,
I need a little help identifying the script for "The Land of Pleasant Living." Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!



I'd like to identify the script/calligraphic font used for "Chocolate" and "tea at three" in the graphic at the top of the page. A different designer created this logo 12 years ago. By the time I took over as committee chair for this event, no one could even remember who designed the event logo, much less the font.

Thanks for any assistance you can provide,

This is not a direct type ID, but I am hoping I can get some thoughts on an existing font that has similar properties.

I'm working on an identity project for a local emerging fashion designer and after having done a cursory evaluation of her brand, I'm on the hunt for a font to pair with it. We are going for old Hollywood with a modern and fresh twist. Jessica Hische is one of my design idols and I happened across a book cover she did and the look of it fits perfectly - if only she extrapolated this into a font!

Looks retro
Still very modern and fresh
Very clean
Slightly feminine

This is a photo of the lettering for a boat name. I have tried all of the online methods of identifying it, but to no avail.

The single loop in the C is what i think is the unique thing, but this is the only sample i have

note the shadow doesnt matter, I can create that once i know the source font. Thanks much, Jeff

Hi guys - any chance anyone would know this one? Many thanks in advance


Hey everyone,

Is someone knows what's script typeface is used for the word Paris ?

Thank you very much for your help.

kind regards

I feel like I should know this font, but I just can't come up with the name. Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)

Hi. I need a help with rcognizing those fonts.


I've used Whatthefont and gone through several fonts. I thought it was an Umbrella family member but wasn't successful. See the uploaded capture...



Hi Typophiles,

I've been struggling to identify this Alvaro Palacios wine label font, I thought it might be Citadel Script, but on closer inspection it's not. It doesn't seem to be Shelley or Künstler Script either. The 'r' is quite nice.
Any help appreciated.

Hope you can help me.
I'm trying to identify the font in this business card, for the words "Finishing Touch". I've identified the words "Touch" as Zapf Book Demi.


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New Cuisine release

Just released: New Cuisine.
From MyFonts description:
New Cuisine is a departure from formal, handwriting, and retro scripts. Influenced by the DIY lettering generation New Cuisine is a joyful looking script with all the right moves. It’s bold graphic presence makes it ideal for packaging, online journals and blogs, signage, logos, and menus.
Under the hood of New Cuisine lie precise connections, unique ligatures and alternates, and OpenType programming to orchestrate it all. Because of this, typesetting turns into a simple and playful experience. Also included are a simple fraction feature as well as Central European language support.

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Script ID Help

Having trouble tracking the font for the script type in the attached photo? Any ideas out there...


Hi, I'm working on some graphics for a client and she really likes the script font in this logo (just to clarify, she doesn't want it for her own logo, but for other graphics like banners). Can someone tell me what this font is or if there's a font similar to it I can use?



I'd like to know what kind of script is the one used in the words "shopping night".

Thanks a lot!!

Sutturah – dangerous curves!

Designed by Octavio Pardo, Sutturah is a display font intended for poster and editorial design. It was born as an exploration of new text patterns. The font combines very detailed and constructed shapes with script flavour. The design has varied influences, from gothic fraktur to the display super black high contrasted wood types.

Would someone please help me identify the name of typeface used for the word "The" in this Oakhurst Diner logo? Or, is it a bespoke script?

Here's another look on the diner's sign:

Thank you,

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