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Working on a typeface where the client wants to have 45 pts on all sides of the glyph basically. It's a monospaced Chinese font. I have the metrics set so 45 pts are on either side for side bearings, I have 45 pts added onto the cap height for the ascender, and 45 added to the baseline to get the descender. The client wants the highlighted text to go below the text 45 pts...but when I export, it won't highlight that increment. What am I doing wrong?

Here is the font info box:

Hello, I am done with my font on FONTLAB except for the fact that my font is double the size of any regular font. I would like to reduce it, meaning reducing all the contents of my glyphs without having to set all my metrics, kernings, etc all over again.

I notice this when I tried posting it in FontSpace and on the preview the capital letters got cut off on the top part . I realized the ascender value needs to be changed, BUT I don't know how to to this (I'd like to know how this is done). Nevertheless, they are too big and I think my problem can be solved by reducing the contents of all my glyphs.

Can I have some advice on this please?

Thanks in advance

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