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Identify Logo Font

I need some help identifying the "Ray Brothers" font in this logo to help speed my efforts in vectorizing the logo.
Any ideas?


please help me find out what font is used for the word "MEEZER"


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Logo fonts

Can anybody help me identify the 2 fonts used in this logo.
Any help much appreciated

Here is the logo in question - http://logopond.com/gallery/detail/110881

I have also attached an image. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Identify logo_font

Hi Everyone,

Can someone help me identify which font used in the attached image? Thanks!

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Logo Initials Font

Hi all,
I am trying to ID the font used to create this initial logo. It is very close to Century Schoolbook but the serifs and the K do not quite match. Any ideas?

Thanks a ton

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Logo font

This may seem like an easy one but it has me pipped.
I'm trying to identify the font here - I thought it might be FUTURA LT BOLD OBLIQUE but it has a straight M's and a different lowercase 'a'. Then tried MUNDO but same deal, not the right lowercase 'a'.


Any suggestions?


Hello all.

I was wondering if anyone could identify the font type on the Calgary 1988 Winter Olympics logo. It appears to be very similar to Helvetica Condensed Black but the "C" seems more oval to me.

Thanks in advance!

Wondering what the slab serif face that is used for the word "money"


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