classic serif

Hi All,
Can you guys give me a hand with this one. Always have trouble with this serif, always think bodoni.

Thank you.

Hey Everyone,

Hope you guys are doing well. Does anyone know what family the attached "5" came from? It doesn't have to be a perfect match, but something pretty close would work well.

Ryan Mercer

Howdy. Matching typography to an exhibit space from a few years ago. Client no longer works with original designer. See attached.

Very close to Garamond, but the "g" and "W" are not a good match.

Any suggestions?

Can anyone help identify the font/s used in this monogram? The characters looks extended/squished to me…

Many thanks

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GQ Font(s)


I saw this font in GQ and I was wondering if it is an obvious typeface, but I just don't have it on my system. I have New Century Schoolbook and have been pairing it with Futura for a while. Unfortunately, I don't have a lot many weights for NCS and it's a little stiffling. This font, however, looks quite similar in feel, but has more flexibility, perhaps. It seems like the examples show different versions of the same font, so I wondered if you all can figure it out.


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