Greater Albion Typefounders has just launched 'Corton' a pair of display Roman small capitals faces.

Corton was inspired by the traditional lettering on a gravestone in an English village. While that might sound a rather solemn beginning, Corton has wonderfully lively air, with distinctive lively serifs and beautifully swashed downstrokes. Two faces are offered-regular and titular. Between them they are ideal signage and display faces, merging 'olde-worlde' charm and fun character.

Corton is currently available through Myfonts, and is offered at a 35% introductory discount.

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Missing cat

More graphic design than type, but I laughed so hard I cried. I had to share it.

hey, typophiles!

i want to show few pictures of outdoor activities of AndrijType and friends. hope you have lot of fun in this summer too ))

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**** Ampersand

Hello everyone!!!

I´m looking for a similar font like the one on the image. Can anyone give me a hint?


Greater Albion has just released three new families on

Jonquin was inspired by some hand lettering seen on a World -War One recruiting poster. It’s a family of three faces for display work and headings designed to be used readily as an 'All-Capitals' face as well as in upper and lower case format. Regular and bold weights are offered, as well as an even more decorative incised form. The whole family is ideally suited for poster and advertising work, as well as book and record covers and period themed signage.

Now that I've joined this group...

I feel a lot more like I do now, than I did before I joined.

Comments welcome!


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Howlett, which is now released on, combines great character with extreme legibility.

It’s a simple display face that offers a sense of coziness and order, that speaks of all being well with the world. It is a modern design which pays due Acknowledgment to the past.

An extensive range of Opentype features, including old-style numerals, terminal forms, ligatures and stylistic alternatives are included.

Use it for headings and titles as well as eye catching poster work.

You can try out Howlett on or see some examples of it in action in our blog.

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Best. Card. Ever.

If my baby gave me this, I'd start to cry.

Hi folks,
I got this sample today, and have had no luck pinning it down. Does anyone recognize the style?

- Mike

Isn't this one of the House Industries "Funny" fonts? It's not Countryhouse or one of the other rather well-knowns...

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Ow! My eyes!

I can't seem to turn links into words.

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Medical manual fail

When you order one of these strange medical devices, this is the manual that comes with it. Press pause and squint to read the type.

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but I swear it was in self defense

not sure who designed this, but it's pretty funny.

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