I'm still working on an upcoming typeface called Melk Sans. I had major issues before which have been fixed, but today I noticed a minor issue and I'm puzzled as to what is the cause. I thought I would start this thread not only to ask for feedback on this issue, but to ask other questions as well.

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Salty font

anyone have any idea as to what this is?

How do I create multiple alternates with salt code?
Right now I've got:

feature salt { # my Stylistic Alternates
sub a by a.1;
} salt;

I've got four stylistic alternates for the letter a. When I try to add them to the code FontLab says "Multiple substitution not yet supported"

Is there a way around that? The result I'm looking for is to view all versions of letter a in InDesign glyph window "Show alternates for selection".

Any help with this is appreciated!

Does anyone know of a way to enable special initial capitals only when 'salt' is selected? This is for a font that uses the 'salt' feature to produce extra high ascenders as for the first line of text. I know that I can simply include the substitutions for the extra high initial capitals in the 'salt' block, and then use a downstream 'calt' block to supress them whenever any of them might follow another upper case glyph, but that would require an enormous 'calt' block which I really want to avoid. If the OpenType formatt permitted an 'init' block to be subsumed inside a 'salt' block, this would be very easy, but unfortunately that is not permitted.

I found myself having to use two different calt blocks, one upstream of a salt block and one downstream from the salt block. This is admittedly inelegant, but can it cause any real problems?

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