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I am looking to purchase a headline typeface for use in a corporate identity type system. However the word spacing is a bit wider than I would like. From experience would anyone recommend trying to adjust the word spacing in a program such a glyphs and saving out a new version? If that is too much of an undertaking them I will contact the type designer directly to see if something could be worked out.


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word spacing in Fontographer


My name is Gale and I am new to this forum but I have been a fan of Typophile for a long time.

I am using Fontographer 4.7, for Mac OSX, to create a new typeface based on an existing typeface but with a radically different letter "E."

The new typeface works great - except for one thing, the word spacing.

I have researched and read various documents online. I have tried importing the metrics but nothing seems to change the extremely wide word spacing.

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