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Hi I am doing a large high profile signage project using Annlie. Can anybody point me to anything well known where it has been used. I have to do a presentation about it. Also does anybody know anything other than whats on the linotype site about its creator Fred Lambert? Any interesting stuff at all on Annlie would be gratefully recieved.

Thank you.

Hi there! Does anyone have any information about the sans serif font, Compacta? My classmate and I were assigned to this font and are required to do a research on it. So far i have got the year it was created and the creator, Fred Lambert. I need the history of the font; eg. why is it named compacta, how the designer came about this design. We failed this assignment as we did not have enough information and now are given a second chance. Pls pls help us if you know anything or if you have any related links! Thank you so much!!

Hello to all type fans!

I'm in desperate help of a school assignment i'm currently working on. :(
The brief was to find out about the history of a certain font.

I was assigned to fred lambert's compacta.

Searched high and low on google and the library for him on the related font, but efforts were in vain.

I came across this book by the name of "American type design and designers" as reference according to some helpful source.
Only after reading more, i came to realize there's very little info about him.

It's only about letraset corporation set-up and compacta being the company's 1st letraset font to be created.

I can't figure these questions as the answers have to be long, not some one or two lines.

(1)Reason behind the font
(2)Reason behind the font’s name

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