I'm new to Typophile, so please forgive me (and re-direct me if you know otherwise) if this has been posted in the wrong forum topic!

I've recently created a logo design for a bespoke fashion brand using the typeface Lulo Clean One Bold (see: and I'm trying to put together the rest of the brand identity.

Hello there. I'm after a simple body typefaces to pair with Sackers (which is the brand/title face). Any classic combos I might not have considered?


I'm trying to figure out a way to get multiple variants of a character in one single font file. Or, to put it another way: can I put multiple font families (or weights) in one OTF/TTF file?

My goal is to reduce the number of requests a site has to make in order to retrieve all the used fonts. I'd only need about 40 to 50 glyphs: the alphabet, the digits and the basic punctuation marks. I'm also willing to just use uppercase, so lowercase could be used for a different family.

This is specifically for web use.

To illustrate, I would like to apply one font familty to this container, and have each line show up in a different typeface:


Hello everyone,

I am looking for a good, legible in windows, body text serif companion (a web font and one free, not from a paid service for technical reasons) for League Gothic.

This is for a magazine-type website, I want a modern but austere look, with league gothic set in all caps for titles and meta and the actual content of the site in a serif.

One I thought of is Georgia, but I don't know if they combine well, what do you think? Actually i would prefer a less common choice, maybe Droid Serif? Is it a good choice to pair with League Gothic?

Any opinions and options is appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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