Hello guys,
I’m nearly finishing work on my new experimental 3D typeface called Plastica. I’m facing few problems I would like to discuss.

It is CFF OpenType made in FontLab on PC. Outlines are very precise and I used atypical custom UPM of 2300 units (23 modules at 100 units). But this should be fine regarding to older nodes on Typophile.
There are two versions: Plastica One (Striped) and Plastica Two (Outlined).
And here is what I struggle with:

1) On-screen rendering issues:

Had this silly pun in my mind when making this image:


Though the effect looks fancy, I would like some suggestions how to make the lettering part more "streamlined".

It was modelled with blender, with a simple screw command, which, can work with continuous lines.
How would you connect letters with horizontal segments?

I wouldn't prefer adding loops personally, so a regular script writing is a no-go.

An invitation to run Javascriptorium, a real-time 3D animation originally created for the Shrine of the Book, home of the Dead-Sea Scrolls.

Windows (21.7MB)
OSX (23.7MB)

Stay tuned, as the code should be soon released as open-source...


Inspired by neutral slab serifs with an added twist, Slab Happy is a typographic system consisting of eight layerable fonts with infinite combinations. Slab Happy looks best when set in display sizes, but functions just as well at smaller point sizes.

The complete Slab Happy family consists of: Regular, Bold, Outline, 3D, Stitches, Fill, Shadow, and Crosshatch.

Slab Happy

Hello there

I'm designing a 3D letter, like Steingruber did with his alphabet.

But for the letter build, I would like to go in a calligraphed way.

That's my first posting guys, I'm sorry If I'm posting this on the wrong place.

I could use some feedback, because I've been studying a lot for this.
Thanks (:

ps. It's supose to be written "ETA", btw.

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Creating 3D Type

Hello All!
This is my first post on Typophile, diggin' the site so far! I came to this
site in search of an answer. I have been using Illustrator and Photoshop
trying to create 3D typography and it seems to not be going in the right
direction. Can anyone tell me what programs were used to create text like




Brand NEW!

New typeface released, it was inspired by movie tittles from old B&W Hollywood movies. The typeface was custom designed in vector format using a high number of colors to produce a realistic 3D effect.

It is perfect for display use, large format graphics, magazines, posters and 3D design.

It was showcased at Typography Served: http://www.typographyserved.com/gallery/Smoking-Club-Typeface/5410327
More about me http://www.rodrigoaguade.com/
Buy it here http://matoi.myshopify.com/

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Retro 3D font?

Hi guys,

Does anyone know which font this is? Maybe you know any fonts that look smilar?



I decided to throw together a tumblr blog of my 3d type explorations. I know I'm treading well-worn ground here, but I'm teaching myself the software and having fun with type while doing it. Although there's nothing particularly groundbreaking here, there may be something of interest to the people that frequent this board. Hope you like it.

and for those of you that don't like tumblr, I'm also replicating it all on my flickr site.

If you don't like flickr or tumblr, sorry, got nothing else for you.

Here's a teaser image [one of the better ones, ha].


Can anyone identity this font please?

The words "3D" in this Disney Digital logo.

Thanks, Nabeel

Edge360 Adds a New Dimension to Text for Manufacturers and Developers of Consumer Electronics Devices

WOBURN, Mass., Aug. 17, 2011 – Monotype Imaging Holdings Inc. (Nasdaq: TYPE), a leading global provider of text imaging solutions, has unveiled its new Edge360™ Technology, an embedded solution for delivering crisp, dynamic text in 2D and 3D environments. Supported by Monotype Imaging’s iType® font engine version 5.0, also newly released, Edge360 works on devices such as smartphones and tablets that support OpenGL® ES 2.0 hardware acceleration technology.

A video demonstration of Edge360 is available at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0MAoMFJyZ50.

I am trying to find a shaded typeface that is less complicated than H&FJ Knox http://bit.ly/jvbQjQ
The sample I have attached is a custom one, do you know of anything that is similar.


I'm trying to identify this font to match some previously existing artwork. Any ideas? My searches have yet to yield results.


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First release: sh klicker

Here comes my first release ;) sh klicker, a modular shapeshifter, built upon the metrical skeleton of pixel based typefaces. I hope you will enjoy it!

For more info and images visit sh klicker @ myfonts:


Hello there,

Does anybody know where I can find these kind of fonts like used in the letters of the image I am attaching below?

They are mostly used in old circus brochures, theater, books & tales... If you know what I am talking about. Have a look :)

Thank you!

Here comes my first release ;) sh klicker, a modular shapeshifter, built upon the metrical skeleton of pixel based typefaces. I hope you will enjoy it!

For more info and images visit sh klicker @ myfonts:


Announcing Twitter Maze: a free Mac and PC application that generates a spiral-shaped maze based on Twitter trends from the last 24 hours.


It was originally produced for Written Images (a generative book initiative) before evolving into this simple desktop application (much more to be done...)

Feedback is welcome,


Can anyone tell me if this is a Font or an Illustration please.


Consider it as the first of a line of experimental apps for the AppStore:


And also as a follow-up to a couple of discussions that took place here around one year ago: 1, 2


Are we seeing the dawn of a new age in print design? http://www.mcsweeneys.net/2010/3/8greenman.html

Having a problem with the default 3d Extrude script in fontlab. IT generate the shadow a little bit offset witch make it look missdesign. I'm sure it was report many time. But is somebody have a better python script or a workaround ?

Does anybody know what type this is for this version of the logo?


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