Hello everyone.

I am a big font enthusiast. These days I am looking for a laptop. Since Retina MacBook Pro has very high pixel density (220/227 ppi) I went to the store to test it.

But to my surprise, the font looked somehow unnatural, strange, too sterile, maybe even too sharp and not so pleasant to read. Of course looking at the words and characters, the curves were perfectly displayed. Like on a paper. Hardly a pixel was found (unless looking very near display).
Then I started to search about that and found these thoughts:

"It needs organic noise, otherwise it all looks like dead plastic"

"Sharpness of type is being celebrated. But that’s not a quality in itself. Just looks cold. Type needs a certain amount of fuzziness. Warmth"

Do you have what it takes to track down some fonts from our cold case files? The ID requests below were all posted during May 2009, but never got a response.

If you can resolve one, post your answer on the respective thread and let us know back here so we can track the results.

How many can you identify? We’ll (re)start the clock at the date/time of this posting.

Ready.. Set.. Go!

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