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I've received an issue from a customer who purchased my font and is having trouble with it in InDesign 5.5 and Word. I've never come across this issue before with any other user and I have successfully used it in but programs so I'm not quite sure how to fix the problem on my end. Here is the message I received from them:

I received the attached error message when trying to use the font in Microsoft Word. When I validate the font in Font Book, it says the font is safe to use. When I tried printing an InDesign document with the font, it would not print. PDF's of the document will not print either. I did not receive an error message, but my colleague received the error message in Indesign 5.5:

ERROR: rangecheck


I have been selling a font family for over a year now, and just recently received a few emails from users saying they are getting a System Validation Error in Font Book, and are advised to not install this font. It's only happening to a couple people, but I want to fix the problem. The font has always worked perfectly for me so there isn't really a way for me to test whether I have solved the problem or not.

I've read some other forums on the subject... one solution was generating the font with hinting enabled. I checked my settings and this was already done.

Another suggested a solution that was on the user side:
1. Deleting the file ~/Library/Preferences/ and then log out/in
2. Install the 10.6.2 combo update

I have a family of fonts I'm building in FontLab. They are all using the same exact kerning data and kerning classes. For some reason, one of the fonts is giving me a "serious error" in Font Book that says there is a "System Validation" error, with no further details.

I've tried taking a .vfb file from one of the working fonts, copying over glyphs from the font that's giving me trouble, and generating again. Same error. I think I've pinpointed the problem to be something kerning/class related, as if I copy/paste glyphs that AREN'T in a class and generate the font, I don't get an error in Font Book. But once I copy glyphs that are in a kerning class, I start getting the error.

When I do Cmd-I on a a font in Apple Font Book, it shows me a list of languages supported by the font. How is it generated? I assume there is some internal database? Is there any way to extract it?

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