There are 6 billion people live in the world and thousands of different languages! We are not ready for all of them yet but we are happy to announce Public Gothic Typeface Family is now available in 42 new languages!
The updated Family is available at and We are strongly recommending to all of our users to use Public Gothic Family Update R 1.01. We are giving this update to all our licensed owners for free and have already sent an email for this update to all of our licensed users. But If you are a licensed owner and have not received anything from us, please contact our sales department!

What's included?

I've seen this one before but not sure what it is- Also, is there a condensed version? if not can anyone suggest a similar-style condensed slab?


im looking for a font similar to these blocky, 50s / 60s era retro fonts.
does not need to be an exact match... just something in the ballpark.


I'm in desperate need of this font for my wedding invitations. I spotted this font in an invitation suite by Mae Mae Paperie and now I have to have it!

Thanks in advance

- Z.

Maybe I'm just using the wrong keywords, but I'm finding this surprisingly hard to find on Google. I'm hoping the Typophile think-tank can help point me in the right direction. :-)

We're rebranding a company that was founded in the early 19th century (yes, they're *that* old) in the United States, and we're trying to find authentic typefaces from the era, or modern reinterpretations that offer a comparable effect.

I don't know what the early 19th-century designers used, whether they were American typefaces or imported, but whatever was relatively common at the time for promotional materials, we're hoping to emulate as closely as reasonably possible.

Take a look at this retro-style primer for the budding typographer (shame about the name): []

Anyone know the font used for "THE" "AND" and "DAP-KINGS". Also any clues to the type for "SHARON JONES" would be nice as well. Thanks.

Darjeeling combines British Elegance and Indian Flavor. It is flared like Optima, with a scent of Bodoni. By layering “Regular” and “Ornaments” over each other you will create astounding pieces of colorful typography. Additionally there is “Regnaments” which combines the two other styles.

Darjeeling is great as a display font, but also perfectly legible at text sizes. Use the ornaments only to add spice to Your design.

Make sure to use applications supporting all these lavish OpenType features like small caps, various sets of figures, fractals and the 102 discretionary ligatures.

Darjeeling has been recently released at myfonts:

I know I have come across each of these faces many times but I can't put my finger on what they are or where I saw them. Any help? It would be much appreciated.


This is a sample from the Solari split-flap "Train Information" board at Amtrak's PHL 30th St. Station. I suspect the typeface on the flaps is a custom job (presented as monospaced on single-character flaps, but kerned on longer place-name flaps), but I'm looking for something with a similar feel. So far the best I've got is Whitney Condensed Book or Medium; which will work fine, but I still wanted to see if there were any other opinions.


Anyone know any fonts that are close?

I'm sure I've seen some. (Mostra, Aprille, and a few others are vaguely similar but not close enough.)



Before I trace these characters in illustrator, does anybody recognise any of these fonts? I'm assuming they're all from the 60s, possibly 70s.

Any help would be much appreciated.



Hi there,

Looking for something similar to this retro/vintage script font (used on an 80s portuguese tv show).
The letters aren't even the same so this is probably all handwritten - but I'm desperately looking for something like this.

The words are cut - it read 'ora' and 'olha' (the complete words would be 'agora escolha').

Thanks in advance!

I'm looking for a typeface like this one. Everyone has seen these "bi-linear" retro fonts or whatever you call them.

I'm looking for a professionally done typeface like this. One similar in shape to lets say an Avenir or Futura, but with the line through it obviously.

Any help?

Does anyone know this font? I am needing it to complete a proof today.
Thanks in advance
Erin Z


i posted this earlier but, my picture didnt upload properly.

this handdrawn vintage RCA logo is an inspiration for our new album cover. if you can steer me towards a font that very closely resembles this logo. i'll give you a shout out in the credits!! the bands name is "ristband".

the upload didnt seem to work so i made the RCA logo my profile picture. hope this helps someone! THANKS AGAIN!

heres another link to the logo

Hi everybody,

I was referred to this site from a "font fan". I know this is a hand drawing, but maybe someone out there knows something! This vintage hand drawn RCA logo is the inspiration for our album cover. if anyone knows a similar font i can use to get close, I'll add the lightning bolt with our graphic artist. our name is
" ristband " so the "R" and "A" need to be pretty exact.


here are other links:

this one's the best

one more:

you can reach me at



Hello Typophiles,

I'm specifically looking for an easy way to outline and offset type similar to the examples I've attached. However, I would also be interested in any other vintage type effect tips and tutorials anyone has to share. If anyone can help that'd be great.

Thanks! -Mariel

I've seen this nice light extended slab serif typeface on 50s-60s signage, parking garages, schools, libraries, and old wood type block printing, but could never identify it! It's not Adore, Memphis, Serifa, Egyptienne, Beton... but it kind of resembles an extended Stymie, especially with the pointy bottom of the "N". I used to admire it daily on my way to the A Train in Bed-Stuy on a school on Malcolm X Blvd.

thanks all,

Hey everyone, new to the board and glad to be here.

I need help in identifying this particular typeface. It's taken from the drink cup of "The Hamburger Stand" (formerly known as The Original Hamburger Stand), a chain of food joints in the Southwestern United States. The Galardi Group is the parent company if that helps in identifying design/marketing houses they may have worked with for producing this updated logo in the 90s. Any help in identifying this or similar fonts would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

I need a retro looking font similar to the ELVIS and VEGAS text in this graphic. Any ideas?

Also any other recomendations for fifties, showbill, impressive, neon lights fonts welcomed.

Any help much appreciated.

Many thanks

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