Here is a bevel version of this font:

This is the 2D version used for it:

They are slightly different.
Thanks for any info on this one. :)

Hey everyone, I'm kinda at a last resort here. I've used font analysis survey to find font based on serif, non-serif, closed, open, fixed width, etc. I even emailed chevy themselves and all I got back was a "sorry, but we don't know, try googling it" response. I know I've seen fonts similar, especially w/the wider stroke on the left side of the letters, but couldn't find it in my library. Does anyone know the name of the font or even a direction to point me in. Any help with this is greatly appreciated, and I thank you all ahead of time for your time and consideration in helping me.

Hi I'm new to the forum but a long lover of fonts (minus Comic Sans). Recently Chevrolet came out with a new slogan called "Chevrolet Runs Deep," I like the cursive/handwritten style of the font but I can't for the life of me find out what it's called or even a close relative.

Anything will help.


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