When I studied in the art school in Latvia my lettering teacher who happened to be in love with historic manuscripts and old books taught us NEVER EVER to use blackletter in all capitals. He should have known better.

Hello everybody. I'm making a thesis research on a mexican popular comic called "El Libro Semanal".
For the editorial design of the final thesis I need a nice pair of cool fonts, and I'm thinking in "borrowing" the font this comic uses for the texts and dialogue ballons, though I still dont know wich one is it. Any ideas?

Many thanks in advance

I recently had the pleasure of eating at Maudie's and experiencing DJ Stouts menus first hand (didn't initially know he designed them), and am curious what font is used for "queso" and "happy hour" on the right side of the layout

Hey I am looking for an indigenous peoples inspired font. I don't know much about typography terminology, but these are the closest fonts i have found to what i am looking for:

i kinda want it to be somewhere in between blackletter and this:
Mestizo cafe font

less blocky/hippy than this:

any help would be awesome.


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