alternative glyphs

Recently I've seen some examples of יהוה in Biblical text with אדני written under the final ה. Does anyone know of a font set with this as a set character perhaps similar to the Arabic الله?

I´m working on my first typeface. It is supposed to look as if cut out of paper. In order to improve the "handmade" look, I designed several glyphs for each charakter. (You can see it on the example .png I uploaded. I searched a few days but didn´t find an answer to my question: is there a script that makes the font choose different glyphs for each charakter incidentally?
Until now, I have to pick every alternative glyph in the glyphs window in indesign, which is too time consuming, of course.
Any suggestions? If somebody doesn´t know the answer but knows where I could improve my knowledge about open type and python in general, this might help, too.
Thank you!

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