Would appreciate it if anyone could ID this: (Have tried What the Font, but sadly no luck.)

Hi guys
I have this cover of a french magazine from the 70s (no worries it's not fascist magazine), and I need to remake the text for a friend.
You talents of typography might give me a hand in finding the name.
I know it's a Fraktur gothic geometrical, and I'm looking for a book named "Fraktur mon amour" if I can find it there.

I supose that the 'Hitler' word is drawn but what I'll looking for is the baseline 'Le filet se Ressere'

Thanks alot

I'm searching the name of the type from the baseline. I'm afraid that the Name it's lettering. No worries guys, it's not a facist magacine, it laughs about it.
Thanks alot

Hello everyone,
I've been working on a font for a while and I want to take it into a development program to become functional.
However, I want the shapes to be as refined as possible before offering it to the world.

Please be critical, I am taking all comments into consideration.

If you'd like a closer view of a letter or letters please ask and I can attach additional files for critiquing.

Thank you

My hip collegian daughter is always pushing me to make fonts which she thinks will fit the design trends of the day, which seems to come down to fonts which would look good in the monogram on the side of the Adams Family’s hearse, on an Ed Hardy t-shirt or tattooed on the back of a contestant on Tool Academy. Ok, that’s the extent of my second-hand contemporary cultural literacy.

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Guido, a gothic type from Italy

I've made a basic (very basic) font based on an italian gothic script. At the moment I've included lowercase letters, some contextual alternates, basic punctuation and common accented glyph for italian.

[for some reasons I can't insert images: you can see the pdf and my flickr page]

This 'gotica corsiva' was used in XIV century to write books in italian language, hence the copies of Dante's Commedia, etc. are written in that way.

You can find images on the web, searching for 'gotica corsiva'

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Ultra Gothic

I'm working on a gothic typeface. At the moment I just intend on designing an ultra weight. Attached are the characters designed thus far. Looking for some critique and advice on how get the letterforms to fit with each other a bit better.


Wondering what fonts you recommend that are between:


Ideally its not another free font, would like something a little more pro. I really like Mandatory but it only has one weight. Perhaps its built off of (or stolen from) another font?

Thanks Guys,

I'm trying to identify a gothic used in printed materials for Finch paper company. The type seems similar to FF Unit or FF Zwo but has a slightly different shape. Any help would be appreciated.

Does anyone know what typeface this is?

The original design is from Ben Pieratt, but I don't have a dribbble account yet. Here's the original page.


I have an old Sanyo portable cassette player, and the labels on it are in an extended typeface that was relatively common for electronics back when transistor amplification (solid-state) was a whole new thing. I'd ideally like to find a set of it in movable type, but the name of the face would be a good start. I'm sure it has plenty of clones, so if anyone knows of one, it'd do for now.

Need to id this for work...not sure if the little points halfway up the strokes have been added or not (what do you call those? filligrees? spurs?).

thx ya'll

I've been working on this font for about 5 months, and I figure it's about time to get some fresh eyes on it. It's designed to work at both text and display sizes -- my goal is for it to be bold and interesting at large sizes but be extremely legible at small sizes while taking up the least amount of room.

I currently have seven different weights, though I am also planning on doing a set of obliques (I will probably do true italic characters as alternates, or vice-versa) as well as small caps/fractions/old-style figures/other OpenType features.

Let me know what you think!

Hi I am currently looking for a complemental font to go with Avant Garde Gothic Pro.
I will be using it for kind of short length text.
My problem is that AGGP Draws alot of attention to itself and I need to find a balance between the copy text and the display font (which will be AGGP)

Right now I am thinking of using any of the web-safe fonts to have it a bit easier on my online portfolio.
But I am not quite shure any of them serifs will do the job.

But what do you think am I stupid or do you have any suggestions?

Hi, I just bought a box of old leady type from a small print shop. It's a display sized Black Letter family. There seem to be mixed pieces of 72 and 60 pt in the box.

¿Any idea on how to clean this? Most of the dirtiness is dust but there are also some rusted pieces.


Hi, anyone know what font this is (in orange)? I can't figure it out and it's driving me crazy... It's condensed and gothic.

Thanks for your help!

Looks like Trade Gothik or Letter Gothic L Medium... But I know it is a free font, which font is this and where could I possibly find it?


i found this set in the publishing building of an old mental hospital (along with a bagful of peculiar negatives, but that's not relevant to this forum). i'm not sure what the typeface is. please excuse how dirty they are, i have yet to acetone them.

any help? if you know someone i could contact, that would help too. the internet is a nasty place to google up "movable type" because there's a publishing software by the same name.

Trying to ID the typeface used here:

It's similar to but not:

Century Gothic
Engraver's Gothic

Anyone here can clinch it?

The Skittles brand refresh looks very nice. What's the large condensed gothic they're using? It's probably easy, but I'm just being lazy :)


I'm looking to find a typeface that is similar to the Textualis or Gothic Bookhand that is in Gutenberg's bible. I know it's a blackletter typeface but I want to find one that can replicate the unique font in the bible.

Does anybody know what font was used for their new logo?

Thank you!

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