Title says it all. This is from a device made in 1965 in the UK. It was labled using dry transfer lettering.
Any ideas?

Does anyone know the typefaces used in Age UK marketing materials?

I've attached a sample showing two weights.

Their PDFs show the font as 'FSMe' - though I don't know what this is

Any ideas?

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Typeface for UK bank?

Can anyone share what this font is?

The blue headline please.

I'm currently working on a project at university, trying to create a typeface in both English and Japanese that work with each other seamlessly. What Im curious to find out is;

- Your thoughts on the idea
- Any suggestions or recomendations
- Any really good or even really bad examples of these two languages at play.

Thanks for your help.

In September, my wife and I will be moving to Oxford, UK as she will be starting a masters program in book publishing at Oxford Brookes University. We currently live near Washington, DC, so right now we are going through all the crap that goes along with moving internationally. I've started to dip my toes into the water and have begun looking around for any leads for job opportunities over there and am realizing that I have no clue where to start looking.

I'm really only looking for internship opportunities to start, so I've started keeping a list of any design firms that look like they might be a good fit for me in the Oxford/London area, and figured I would send out my resumé / portfolio and hope any of them bite.

Now my questions are such:

Baseline Magazine

Indices : Publications : Baseline Magazine

Publisher: Bradbourne Publishing (UK)
Editor: Veronika Reichert, Hans Dieter Reichert, Mike Daines
Frequency: Quarterly

A publication specific to type design which has been in print since 1984, originally starting out as a magazine to promote new typefaces. Today the magazine is much more and covers all areas of typography including type designers, history, technology, and other current issues.

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