Font ID needed

need to know what this font is ...been loooking around everywhere and cant seem to find it


I'm looking for this particular font for the sign company i work for.

Notice the symmetrical weight of the letters and the absence of serifs on top. That should narrow down the search a bit.. I have already tried Whatthefont, but no luck. I only have a few letters. Any clue anybody? Any help greatly appreciated!

Can anyone ID this font in the new logo for The Company Store?

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Looking for a font


Does anyone know what font the orange font is and the little white font?

thanks in advance

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UConn Huskies font

I need a downloadable version of the font used by University of Connecticut on its Huskies sports jerseys. Here is a link to the C:

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i need found this! please help me!!!

The font has some unique features, including no serif on the number 1, and flat tops on all the number 3’s also look at the & and A and W.

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