Hi all

I've seen the Narziss typeface being used recently in various publications (http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/hubertjocham/narziss/) and would like to find something similar. Any ideas?

What would one describe this face as, apart from a swirly slab?

Thanks, Lee

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Happy font

Hi there

I am looking for a happy, positive font.

Not a kiddy kind of letter nor a script.
More like a combo between a sans with some added swirly accents.

Anyone an idea?

Weingut Script Flourish is a decorative display font with high contrasts, perfectly drawn to the tiniest details. The font is trimmed to fairly large font sizes and is highly suitable for chapter titles or book jackets as well as Headlines, Invitations and wine labels, although also impressing with an astounding legibility in small typesettings. Inspired by the hand drawn Blätterschrift from the 19th century Mettenleiter’s Schriftenmagazin, its basic structure is related to the English Script. The creative process started in summer 2009 and after 600 hours of work, over a 2 year period, Weingut now unfolds to reveal all its charms.
Created by Georg Herold-Wildfellner.

Design with bicoloured capitals:

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Anning demo

An art deco font with swirly flourishes.

The bottom caps have overlapping swirls; this is because the cap form are intended for use at the first of a word where there is no overlap.

View and/or download is here:


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