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Just an a

From my new project... I love small case a's!

Can somebody help identify the font used on the university of Alabamas A logo.
Link to pictures of the logo below:

hi typophilers,

would anybody be so kind to identity cafe carolina, italian cuisine's typeface?
simular typefaces would be great too!


What is the font of this A. Thank you!

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AD Ligature


A colleague of mine is working on a book of Thoreau's letters and a question was raised as to whether we could use an AD ligature (as in A.D. or Anno Domini) in the text. I had never seen one and was curious to find out more about it.

A quick search revealed this Flickr photo of the ligature on a bell in Boston. The quality of the photograph is terrible and that's all I was able to find.

I'm hoping someone here is more familiar with this ligature and can point me to some other examples of it.

Just wondering if there is any technical protocol for creating a double or single story of each character? I initially thought sans serif leaned towards single story characters and vice versa (serif typefaces were typically two story) but I see this isn't mandatory.

According to the ever-correct Wikipedia, there is no technical right or wrong.

Does anyone have any recommendations or preferences when you create these letters in a new typeface?

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