Type Specimens

Hi Guys,

This is my first post so excuse any problems as I'm new :)

I am about to start a new brief for my BA Graphic Design course and I have chosen to do a competition brief set by the ISTD (link below).
There are a few briefs to chose from but I have chosen one which involves creating two contemporary and explorative type specimens for two of Monotypes fonts.

In relation to this I wanted to ask here and see if anyone knows of any really good contemporary type specimens, that I can look at for inspiration. I have searched and found some, but wanted a second, third or fourth opinion :)




Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows why on many 19th century type specimen prints they are often produced in black and red ink. Often they are black typefaces with a red border or decorative elements and sometimes both black and red typefaces. Just wondering if there is a reason for this use of colors. Thanks in advance.

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