Can anyone tell me what typeface is used in Paula Scher's the Diva is Dismissed poster for the public theater?

I know she used old wood type so if that's the case is there a digital equivalent I could use?


I am quite hoping to identify the font from the 1961 poster for "The Frightened City." I am guessing the stencil variety was custom and is not available, however, I would be perfectly content knowing the basic font character set used here or any other information about these characters. I've been searching for a few years for this font, but with no luck. Proxima Nova condensed Black is somewhat close, but not exactly it. The Gs, Cs, and Rs are not right. Thanks much in advance!!

Hi fellas!
I was make a new font thinking in posters design, my inspiration was the "Ton" shape then leave really soft curves for each line that we need to solve.. hope you like it and if you want drop a comment or critique.
regard mates


Anyone know this font?

the font i want to know is the 9 picture with the phrase "B Hobom Cbete".

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Can anyone tell me what is this font?

The font i want to know is what is at the bottom of the poster. A little compressed. "WEAPONS OF MASS CREATION".

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Poster clips

Hi All!

Does anyone know how you call these "poster clips"?

and does anyone know where I can buy them?

I've tried to google poster clips but I don't get any relevant results or any store that sells them

Thanks for all your help!

Hey, I'm trying to identify the typeface used in the movie poster (the tom cruise one) of War of the Worlds. I'm talking about the title, of course.

Thanks in advance to anyone that might help ;)

Prompted by Altaira's new year's kawai wish card (, and by Hrant's quiz about the glyph used for the trees, I was reminded of one of my all time favourite calligraphy/typography posters.


Can any one suggest a font that looks like this (or IS this)?



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