The HapticScript family is a connected brush script with a warm, personal and soft character. The typeface family has five styles from Light through Black. It was designed as a companion and extension to the Haptic sans-serif family.

HapticScript has up to 14 variations for each glyph. The almost 2,000 characters per font including 40+ ligatures enable designers to give each word an individual look. Many swash characters for initials and word endings make words looks as if they were hand lettered.

Five Styles: Light, Regular, Semibold, Bold and Black

OpenType features: Ligatures, Contextual Alternates, Stylistic Sets, Old Style figures, Tabular figures

Milica is a display font, inspired on action movies, urban military and martial arts culture, designed with straight verticals but slanted horizontals with no curves at all (sharped hard strokes only)
5 sizes
- ExtraLight + Italic
- Light + Italic
- Regular + Italic
- Bold + Italic
- ExtraBlack + Italic

Recommended use: Poster, Movies, video games, TV, Animation, letterhead, magazines titles, POP & Graphic culture, young stuff, hip-hop topics, urban, big sizes prints, Volumetric 3D shapes, labels, etc.

Hi everyone!

This is my first post! I've currently just started a course specialising in digital design and have an assessment that I need to get feedback on from other designers. I'm still very new to this but here goes nothing!

The main objective for the assignment was to create a shirt and poster for the Salvation Army that can be ordered online; it should showcase their efforts to help and show compassion towards others. I designed my shirt to aim at a broader audience, whereas the poster is intended to show the effort the salvation army has made since 1865.

Please! Any kind of negative/positive feedback would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you so much!

Dear fellow Typophiles,
I thought this would be the right place to share my latest work.
A calendar made of two thousand and fourteen keyboard keys.


I'm a newbie in a need of some typo advice from experts as I have become overwhelmed by browsing the web ...

I'm a student and currently redesigning a medical magazine run by a non-profit student organization.

I'm looking for a sans serif for headings (it will also appear on posters) and a serif for long texts (2 columns).
Keywords: economical, legible, modern

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Komoda font

Komoda is a display, sans serif typeface suitable for headlines, editorial and poster design. This font is free for personal and commercial use.



After seeing this poster I really wanted to get an original for in my living room. Since it will cost me around 15oo dollars(!) I decided to make my own. I drove the guys in the studio mad because no one could identify it (they are no true typophiles like you guys)!

Can anyone identify this font for me?
Kind regards,

- Eelco

HWT Slab features two styles-Antique and Columbian. These two extra bold fonts are classic slab serif wood type styles with one detail of difference. Columbian is an extra bold Clarendon wood type that was manufactured by many of the wood type manufacturers in the late 19th century. "Clarendons" feature bracketed or rounded serif joins whereas "Antique" was a class of typefaces that features squared off slab serifs. Some type designs have only minor differences from others. The Columbian design is essentially identical to Wm. Page & Co.'s "Antique no. 4", with the difference being the bracketed serifs.

Any idea what the headline typeface is on this poster?

Hey, I'm designing a poster for this battlestar galactica con, and am working with the "logo" on the old poster they gave me, which they do not know or have the typefaces for. Could someone tell me what the typeface on the bottom is? The one that says Houston May 23 - 26?

Thank You

Hallo! I'd really appreciate any help in identifying the font on this poster. Thanks!

I feel like this should be easy but I couldn't find it :/

Hi everyone,

Can anybody help me to find this font ?

Thanks in advance !

I would like to know what specific typefaces were used on cigarette advertising posters back in the 1950's and 1960's.
I'm aware of particular styles from those decades but cannot pinpoint too many exact typefaces used.

Hi there

I hope you can help me identifying this awesome font

Thanks all!!


Trying to identify the font on the Bonnie and Clyde poster from 1967. Any thoughts?


Does anybody know the font used on this theatre review sign attached?

Many thanks,

Hi guys, can someone help ID this font? Or something very similar for a project?

I understand the split is probably achieved after the type is created, that's fine.

Thanks in advance!

I'm currently working on an event poster for a Fashion Show that will feature graphics that have an almost watercolor feel to them. However, I'm having trouble finding a font that's really a perfect feel to accompany it.

The image is very soft, floral and spring, but I do want a more modern feeling font to counterbalance this and ensure the poster doesn't run too old.

Does anyone have any ideas about fonts that would interact well with watercolor images that aren't script?

So I'm doing this poster and don't want to hassle with finding the perfect wood type, but I want something with a little more character that's available in digital. I'm currently using Grotzec X-Narrow Bold with some mods, but I'm not set on it. Hoping to get some other suggestions to very condensed grotesques that look a little more like wood type with interesting idiosyncrasies.

Thanks for the help,

Hi, hoping you might help identify this typeface...? Thanks in advance for any leads...

This is the full image here:

Can anyone help me out with these typefaces? It was printed around 1882
Both the type "Showprinting" "poster cuts" and "colored and pained design"

Apologies for the blurry photo...

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New typeface!

A new typeface in progress, I'd appreciate your feedback! :)

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