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Blocky font


I'm trying to make a "font" (I don't have a "type maker app" so it's currently in illustrator atm.)
I'm calling it "Symp" by the way :)
It's based on the amphi in the logo (square with rounded edges)
My hope is to use it in a magazine I'm creating for the convention in march 2011.

The convention is arranged by students at the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration, and is the largest of it's kind in north europe. We are all volunteers and students at the school.

I have no formal education in design or typography. I'm most likely to become an accountant, so bear that in mind when you critique :)

Here are some issues I've found in this first revision:
1)Width of I, J and L. if I'm going for monospaced these will look odd, how to solve?

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