Typotage Leipzig

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Since 1994 this traditional event will be held around June/July in Leipzig, Germany at the Museum für Druckkunst.

In 2007 it will be held on the 16. and 17. of June under the banner »Made in Europe«. -

Gesellschaft zu Förderung der Druckkunst Leipzig e.V.
Nonnenstraße 38
04229 Leipzig

phone: +49 341 23 16 20
fax: +49 341 23 16 220 /

Prof. R. Abdullah
Beethovenstraße 12

Jared Benson

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Best known for his involvement with Typophile, Jared Benson is an interface designer with an insatiable typographic addiction. He launched Typophile on his birthday in April 2000 in hopes of creating a venue where designers could get together to share knowledge and critique one another's work. Jared originally vetted the idea for Typophile with Jonathan Hoefler while interning at The Hoefler Type Foundry in summer of 1999, and later launched it as a component of his BFA thesis.

When he's not spending every waking moment working on Typophile, he's acting as Executive Creative Director at San Francisco interface design firm Punchcut. From 2004-2010, he served as a member of the FontFont TypeBoard.

Brian Jaramillo

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Former journalist and now owner of a company in the apparel business. Posts at Typophile under the nickname bjharvey. Lives in Long Beach, California.

Font Retailers

Indices : Font Retailers

Font Retailers sell fonts from several, and in some cases, many different foundries. Many foundries also sell their own fonts directly and sometimes in addition to selling through a retailer.

Many of today's font retailers also carry their own font collection, such as Veer's Umbrella Collection, FontShop's FontFont foundry and Phil's Fonts with Garage Fonts. In other scenarios there are large foundries that have spun off a retail arm, such as Bitstream's MyFonts and Monotype's

Font Bros
Phil's Fonts


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Indices : Terminology : Ligature

The connecting link between two letters that are joined together. Also, two or more characters that are combined into one glyph, generally comprising such characters as , , , , etc.


Indices : Terminology : Kern

Noun -- The part of a type that overhangs the body.

Verb -- To kern is to adjust the spacing between characters for visual spacing. For example an upper case A and a lowercase v, Av can be kerned, or spaced more tightly, to be optically correct.

See also kerning.

Yves Peters

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Here is what people have said about Yves Peters:

"Everyone's favourite rock 'n' roll typographer"
David John Earls of

"He made it cool to be a Type I.D. nerd"
Brian Jaramillo of Agency26

"A champion of type design"
chester of village

"Bound to become the most feared type critic of the Northern hemisphere :D"
Peter Bruhn of Fountain

"His massive initial contributions to the Type Identification Board made it what it is today."
Stephen Coles of Typographica

"I'm just a glorified type nerd, really"
Yves Peters

Affiliated with:
Unzipped ¶ blogger

Joseph Pemberton

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Joe Pemberton is a graphic designer and a founding partner of San Francisco-based interface design firm, Punchcut. Prior to founding Punchcut in 2002, Joe and Jared Benson partnered on the development of Typophile. Joe was a creative director for Razorfish (in the New York and San Francisco offices) and also at the New York advertising agency, Merkeley Newman Harty where, among other projects, he designed the JetBlue Airways identity and livery system.

In the past Joe Pemberton provided art direction for the FontShop publication Font and juried the design competition for the 2007 STEP Magazine "Best of Web" issue.

Typophile user profile:

Stephen Coles

Indices : Writers : Stephen Coles

Stephen Coles is co-editor of Typographica and works for FontShop out of their San Francisco office.

He was the State of Utah's junior birdcall champion in 1987, and remains the Guinness Book of World Records' recordholder for longest uninterrupted beatbox: 4 hours and 12 minutes.

He enjoys monkeybread, camping and kittens.

He once ate 22 hard-boiled eggs in a single sitting.

External Links
Stephen's Typophile User Profile
The FontFeed


Indices : Terminology : Foundry

A type foundry is a type design studio that produces typefaces for commercial use or sale.

The term foundry has its roots in dead technology wherein type makers would cut their sorts out of metal. Some modern type designers are transitioning to the term type studio instead.

See also Foundries.


MRF (MAC Rhino Fonts) was established in 2003, but founder Stefan Hattenbach has been producing fonts since 1997. The foundry operates as an independent studio, collaborating with its partners in various disciplines whenever necessary.

MRF has accelerated its type design efforts since 2004. This will continue, along with advertising and graphic design work. In most cases, their typefaces are available from a variety of quality vendors: Fountain Type Foundry, PsyOps Type Foundry, and Veer. In the future, a unique collection of typefaces will be available exclusively through MRF.

The Enschede Font Foundry

Indices : Foundries : The Enschedé Font Foundry

The firm of Joh. Enschedé en Zonen was established in Haarlem (Netherlands) in 1703. It is widely recognized as one of Holland’s finest printing houses. Enschedé prints banknotes and stamps for the Dutch government, fine art catalogues, and commercial high-quality work.

Enschedé started type manufacturing in 1743 after purchasing the foundry of Hendrik Wetstein. From its early years the typefoundry was the most important part of Enschedé’s business. The famous punchcutter Joan Michael Fleischman was employed there in the eighteenth century. Its type business flourished throughout the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and in the twentieth century the foundry achieved widespread international acclaim through the design and production of types by Sjoerd H. de Roos and Jan van Krimpen. In 1978, to celebrate their 275th anniversary, Enschedé commissioned Bram de Does, one of Holland’s leading typographers, to design a typeface specifically for phototypesetting. The result was Trinité, a face which clearly shows its provenance and which continues the tradition of type design established at Enschedé so many years before.


Indices : Terminology : x-height

Succinctly put, the x-height is the height of the lowercase x in a given alphabet.

In the past x-height was stated by some as a proportion of the cap height. In digital fonts, the x-height is specified in the font as a proportion of the Em, typically with 1000 or 2048 units to the Em. Additionally, many typographers state the x-height as a proportion of the total vertical span of the lowercase, often limited to simply the ascender height. This practice is based on the realization that lowercase letters constitute approximately 95% of text.

Small Capitals

Small caps have many uses, but are primarily used for initials in body copy, such as NASA, NATO or the UN. The aim of this use is to diminish the visual awkwardness of capital letters hindering the flow of a paragraph. (Text figures are also used for better flow in body text versus lining figures.)

The OpenType feature registered for small capitals is smcp, there is also a feature registered for petite caps (pcap).

From Nick Shinn:

Here are some differing strategies for “Caps with Small Caps” titling.
I don’t think any of them are ideal for this typeface.
In the designated small cap font the small cap is, as I said earlier, too wide.


Indices: Tools/Software : Fontographer

Fontographer is design software; an application for designing fonts and exporting various font file formats.

Sometimes people incorrectly refer to typographers and type designers as "fontographers" -- an incorrect reference to the software and not the practice of designing type.

The program first appeared on the market in 1985, released by Altsys, a software developer from Texas. Altsys, who developed Fontographer from version 1.0–4.0 was bought during the early 1990s by Macromedia. Macromedia then released version 4.1.


Indices : Terminology : Typographer

A practitioner of typography, sometimes incorrectly referred to as a fontographer. Not to be confused with Type Designer.


Indices : Terminology : Typophile

Strictly speaking, a fanatic of all things type-related or typographic. In a broader sense, a lover of letters. This looser definition encompasses writing and lettering as areas of interest. See also typophilism.

Indices : Organizations : Typophile

Typophile launched 16 April 2000. Typophile originally launched with exclusive articles and online courses from Jonathan Hoefler based on his Yale lectures as well as articles from Three Island Press and TypeRight.


Indices : Design Firms : Punchcut

Punchcut maintains and operates Typophile with Punchcut co-founders Joseph Pemberton and Jared Benson acting as executive sponsors.

Punchcut is an interface design company, specializing in interfaces for devices: mobile, television and embedded-screen experiences. Punchcut maintains Typophile, a community for type designers, graphic designers and educators.

In addition to a broad array of consumer, mobile and entertainment brands, Punchcut has designed user interfaces and communications collateral for companies such as Hoefler and Frere-Jones, TypoBrand, FontShop and fStop.

Punchcut was founded in 2002.

Contact Information:
170 Maiden Lane, 3rd Floor

Dear Sarah

Indices : Typefaces : Dear Sarah

Dear Sarah is a Victorian era handwriting font designed by Christian Robertson in 2004. The typeface is based on his own handwriting and named after his wife, Sarah Robertson. Dear Sarah was developed in both AAT and OpenType versions.

Dear Sarah is sold exclusively through Veer.

Dear Sarah


Indices : Font Retailers : FontShop

FSI FontShop International ( was founded in Berlin in 1988 by Erik Spiekermann and Joan Spiekermann, who were then husband and wife. FontShop is the original font reseller in digital type history. There are 6 independent FontShops (licensors of the FontShop concept) in Europe, Australia, and the USA.

FSI produces the FontFont typeface library and publishes FontBook, the most comprehensive printed reference on digital typefaces. In 2000 FSI started a royalty free image company called fStop (

FontShop also produces the publication Font.


Indices : Software

For web-based applications, see. Tools.

Font Editors - for the design and publishing of font files
Font Development Software -
Font Validation Software -
Font Management Software - for managing fonts installed on computer systems
Design Applications - graphic design, composition
Python Scripts - scripts for advanced type designers

Revision Control - software to keep track of the revision history of computer files

Additional Articles: Font-related Software

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