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A seldom-used bit of 20th-century punctuation that combines the question mark and the exclamation point.

Typophile threads discussing the history and usefullness of the interrobang:
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More about the interrobang at the FontFeed:

Uwe Loesch

Indices : Designers : Uwe Loesch

Graphic Designer living in Germany. Lauded internationally for his particularly typographic posters.

Since 1990, professor for communications design at the Bergischen Universit�t Wuppertal. Successor to Willy Fleckhaus.

Since 2002, leader of the German membership branch of the Alliance Graphique Internationale.

Interview on (in German):

Type Museum

100 Hackford Road, London SW9 0QU

Holdings include a large amount a material from the Stephenson Blake and Co., Wood type from Robert DeLittle, York and hot metal from the Monotype Corporation as well as the working papers of Walter Tracy.

In May 2006 this Museum was closed due to lack of funding. A campaign and supporting Type Museum Society has been launched which you are invited to join.

Gutenberg Museum

Indicies : Museums : Gutenberg Museum

The Gutenberg Museum is located in Mainz (near Frankfurt), Germany. The museum featuers a working replica of a Gutenberg press with demonstrations made regularly. I also houses a two-volume 42 line Gutenberg Bible and has a collection of historical handwritings, prints, presses and typesetting equipment.

The museum also is home to the "Druckladen", a letterpress workshop open to everyone interested. The muesum closely cooperates with the "Mainzer Minnipressen Archiv (MMPA), a collection of books from micro-publishers and -presses. The MMPA is organiser of the bi-annual "Minnipressen-Messe", a trade fair for micro-publishers and -presses.

Museum fuer Druckkunst

Indices : Museums : Museum für Druckkunst

The Museum für Druckkunst (Museum of Printing Arts & Technology) is located in Leipzig, Germany. They organize the annual Typotage Leipzig conference.

Stiftung Werkstattmuseum
für Druckkunst Leipzig
Nonnenstraße 38
04229 Leipzig

Phone: +49 (0)341 2 31 62 0


Indices : Terminology : Squoosh

v. transative. A term used to describe type that has been horizontally or vertically stretched or condensed using graphic design software. Glyph scaling in this manner is almost always inadvisable and is often a sure sign of amateur typography. Space is best saved by reducing the type size or using a condensed (or extended) version of the font professionally drawn by a type designer.

“Squooshed™” is a trademark of Miss Tiff Industries, Inc.

See also Faux Formatting.

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Indices : Terminology : Flavor

There are two types, or flavors, of OpenType fonts (OTFs): PostScript flavored OTFs and TrueType flavored OTFs. Those with PostScript outlines are of the Compact Font Format (CFF) variety and are designated by the ".otf" suffix. Technically, all Windows TrueType fonts can be considered OpenType fonts and are cross-platform and may be designated by either the ".ttf" or ".otf" suffix. TrueType flavored OTFs are thus backwards compatible on Windows operating systems as long as they are designated with the ".ttf" suffix. However, TrueType fonts do not appear with the OpenType icon unless they are digitally signed by the font foundry.

see also:

Leslie Cabarga

Graham Hicks

Indices : Designers

Graham Hicks is an interaction and graphic designer, Test Pilot Collective contributor and a two time winner of the Typophile Tee contest. He works as an Interaction Designer at IDEO in San Francisco, California



Indices : Typefaces : Caslon

William Caslon's types of the early eighteenth-century were extremely popular then, and strongly revived in the late nineteenth century, producing many versions.

OpenType Compiler

Indices : Tools : OpenType Compiler

Rogier van Dalens Compiler

Adobe OpenType FileTyper



Indices : Foundries : ShinnType

ShinnType was founded in 1999 by Nick Shinn, to publish his original type designs. Prior to that, his types had been published by a number of different companies.

ShinnType fonts are distributed by Faces, FontHaus,, FontShop, Fontworks, Phil's Fonts, Myfonts, and Veer.

ShinnType has released 14 retail typeface families (113 fonts): Artefact, Alphaville, Beaufort, Bodoni Egyptian, Brown Gothic, Eunoia, Goodchild, Handsome, Morphica, Nicholas, Panoptica, Preface, Walburn, and Worldwide.

House Industries

Indices : Foundries : House Industries

House Industries is run by Rich Roat and Andy Cruz with designer Ken Barber as Typography Director.

For the full, colorful history, read the House Ten Year Book. To keep up with recent developments, read Show & Tell, the House blog.


Additional Articles
Wikipedia: House Industries


Indices : Typefaces : Joanna

URL: Joanna Pro

see Eric Gill

Gill Sans

Indices : Typefaces : Gill Sans

Probably Eric Gill’s most well known typeface, and one of the most successful sans-serifs. The typeface was inspired by Edward Johnston’s sans serif for the London Underground. Today Gill Sans in digital form is packaged with the Macintosh operating system.

See also Eric Gill.
direct link

OpenType Serifed Companion for Gill Sans
I Like Gill Sans
Gill Sans and Joanna


Indices : Typefaces : Baskerville

Baskerville is a "transitional" typeface, designed by John Baskerville in England in the mid-18th century, revived in the early 20th century and widely used for books and other long texts. Many versions are available.

Font Diner

Indices : Foundries : Font Diner

Font Diner is a Wisconsin-based foundry specializing in retro style and display fonts. Stuart Sandler is the principal designer.


Art Center College of Design

Indices : Education : Art Center College of Design

Art Center College of Design is an art and design school in Pasadena, California recognized for the strong portfolios of its students and its pricey tuition.

Students learn a mixture of skills in design, media, and material fabrication. Strong programs at Art Center include transportation design, industrial design, illustration and graphic design. Notable faculty in graphic design include Anne Burdick, Lisa Nugent, and Simon Johnston.

Font Inspector

Indices : Software : Font Validation Software : The Font Inspector

Intriguing freeware tool for quality assurance and inspection of TrueType and OpenType fonts from Steve Hartwell, downloadable from the Font Inspector web site. Versions for both Mac OS X and Windows XP. Allows users to browse the contents of font files, seeing how the font is drawn using various renderers, and allowing users to check that glyphs are properly named. Offers rudimentary support for font validation as well.

Adobe FDK

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