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The effect of the arm/hand/pen system on letterforms. From the Greek root "chiro," meaning "of the hand."
See Calligraphy, Ductus, Ductal Logic.

So much for the dominance of chirography...
Chirography & Notan in Japanese Calligraphy + Notan in Roman letterforms
What's so wrong with the chirographic approach?
Hrant 1, Chirography 0?
Cut and then Curved

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Canada Type

Indices : Foundries : Canada Type

Canada Type is a digital type solutions company based in Toronto, Canada, operating under the direction of Patrick Griffin and Rebecca Alaccari.



The official font of the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany.


City along the Rhine in Germany, at the confluence of the river Main.

Johann Gutenberg was born here (or nearby), and was a citizen of the city. Sometime after his return from Strasbourg in the 1440s, he began producing and distributing printed books. He is credited with inventing western printing with movable type in Mainz, but whether the technology was actually created their, in Strasbourg, or elsewhere is not known. Gutenberg also had a workshop in Frankfurt, and later in Eltville, where he died in the later 1460s.

There is a magnificent museum in Mainz, which chronicles the history of printing. It is fittingly named the Gutenberg Museum.

Verlag Hermann Schmidt

Publishing house in Mainz, Germany. Mainly released books on typography, graphic design, and advertising.

Karen Cheng

Author of the book Designing Type, 2006.


In 2006, FontShop Berlin released Trivia a demo font designed by Henning Krause. Trivia is in the style of many contemporary sporting event fonts, and some consider it similar—but significantly better—than the typeface used in the World Cup Germany 2006 identity. Trivia is expected to be released as a full typeface family by FSI FontShop international in the future.

(Henning Krause's website, with some portfolio information)

FF Transit

Indices : Typefaces : Transit

Designed at MetaDesign during the early 1990s for the CI and navigation system of the BVG (the Berlin transit authority). Distributed by FSI FontShop International.

Font descriptions from FSI:

FF Transit Print

FF Transit is a highly legible font that works well for readers who may need quick orientation while en route. It was originally designed by MetaDesign in Berlin for the official use of the Berlin Public Transportation Services (BVG) and Düsseldorf Airport, but will now be available commercially all over the world. Designed to blend aesthetic quality with legibility.

Henning Krause

Indices : Designers : Henning Krause

German typeface designer, currently working in Berlin. Born 1965.

Employee at MetaDesign. Involved in the design of the CI and navigation system of the BVG (the Berlin transit authority). During this project, MetaDesign created FF Transit, which is used by the BVG and distributed by FSI FontShop International.

Afterwards independent type designer. Krause develops typefaces for corporations and for FontShop. During the mid-1990s, he designed a signage font for DeutscheBahn, which was meant to be more legible in large sizes than Helvetica. This typeface will most likely be seen less and less, however, as the Deutsche Bahn has a new series of typefaces (2005), which were designed by Erik Spiekermann and Christian Schwartz.


Indices : Publications : CAP&Design

CAP&Design is a Swedish graphic design magazine.

It was founded 1987 and begun as a tech magazine, writing about the desktop publishing revolution. Therefor it's name, CAP stands for Computer assisted publishing, the alternative abbreviation to DtP.

Today, the magazine is more of a graphic design magazine, however still featuring tech articles, like how to:s, software reviews an so on.

The magazine comes in Swedish only.


Online Font Generators

Mahl Stick

Indices : Terminology : Mahl Stick

Usually a thin metal pipe (sometimes a wooden rod), about three feet long with rubber or powder-filled balls on one or both ends. Used by sign painters or while hand-comping text to steady the hand and keep it off the work surface.

Veronika Burian

Indices : Designers : Veronika Burian

Received a MA in Typeface Design, from the University of Reading in 2003. Founded TypeTogether with José Scaglione in 2006.

FF Maiola
Karmina Sans

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Typophile type designers

Indices : Designers : Typophile Regulars

Following is a list of designers who are
1) alive,
2) participants on typophile,*
3) have fonts commercially available.

Tim Ahrens: Tim Ahrens
James Arboghast: James Arboghast
Peter Bain: Peter Bain
William Berkson: William Berkson
David Berlow: dberlow
Michael Browers: michaelbrowers
Peter Bruhn: peterbruhn

Paul Hunt

Indices : Designers : Paul D. Hunt

Native Arizonian type-enthusiast-turned-bezier wrangler. Dedicated Typophile and self-proclaimed "wiki kahuna."

Became associated with P22/Lanston in December of 2004.

Jean Francois Porchez

Indices : Designers : Jean François Porchez

Type designer and owner of Porchez Typofonderie at on the outskirts of Paris, France.

Profile at

Solid Creative

Solid Creative is an Australian visual foundry and creative design studio, based in Melbourne.


Communication design, Melbourne

Ken Barber

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