A typographic concern founded by Grant Hutchinson in 2009.

Jack Yan

Wilton Foundry

Jack Yan


Typofonderie (formely Porchez Typofonderie) is an independent French digital type foundry started in 1994 by Jean François Porchez. He has designed such typefaces as Le Monde for the French newspaper of the same name, Ambroise based on the work of the Didots, Anisette, and Parisine. He also designed the Deréon typeface family for Beyonce Knowles' House of Deréon fashion line and Sabon Next for Linotype.
Since 2012, Typofonderie has started to release fonts by other designers than Jean-François Porchez, including Geneo by Stéphane Elbaz & Mislab by Xavier Dupré.


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Font Bros

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Launched August 2006, Font Bros Typography Supply Company is the brain-child of Stuart Sandler and Mike Ibach. As a font retailer of display typography, Font Bros offers selections from other foundries including: Astigmatic One Eye, ByAndreas, Mark Simonson Studio, Alphabet Soup, Fonthead Design, CBdO, Sideshow, Wilton Type, Blue Vinyl, Font-O-Ville, Outside-The-Line, and Sparkytype. Font Bros is also the exclusive retailer of the ever-popular Fontalicious fonts which have been re-mastered for release on the site.

Jesse Ragan

Pablo Medina

Pablo Medina is the Founder and Principal of Cubanica.

Studio description (taken from

Cubanica is an independent design studio and font foundry founded by Pablo A. Medina.

Cubanica believes that design comes from the investigation and interpretation of culture. It is our job to find the cultural essence of each project we work on and speak in its language through the medium of design.

Our work was included in the Design Triennial exhibition at the Smithsonian’s Cooper Hewitt Museum as well as the Art Directors Club Young Guns III exhibition. A Cubanica book design for Coisa Linda is part of the Library Archives Collection at the Museum of Modern Art. Our work has appeared in numerous publications, among them Communication Arts Magazine, How Magazine, Idea Magazine, and Extreme Fonts.

Christian Acker

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Christian Acker is a graphic and type designer based in New York City.
Born 1979, Norwalk, CT, USA.

Mr Acker is the founder of Adnauseum, Inc, a multi-disciplinary design studio found in the spring of 2002, and Handselecta, a graffiti based type foundry, created in May of 2003.

He is the designer of numerous display faces including 24 Hrs (2002, Cubanica), Sailor Gothic (2003, Cubanica), and numerous faces base upon the handstyles of contemporary graffiti artists released through his type foundry Handselecta. 2006 saw the release of Joker Straight Letter, Mene One Mexicali, Mesh One AOK, Meskyle Laid Back and Sabe Ghetto Gothic.


Dimitri Bruni and Manuel Krebs form the swiss graphic designer duo Norm. They're well known for their typeface «Simple» which first got used in their book «The Things». Later, Ruedi Baur of Integral, Paris, asked them to redesign the typeface for use in the new corporate design of the Cologne-Bonn Airport - this version is named «Simple-Airport».

The story of Simple-Airport

Typographische Gesellschaft Austria

Typographische Gesellschaft Austria (tga)


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TrimarchiDG is perhaps the largest graphic design meeting of the world.


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A name of a size of typeface roughly equivalent to 7 points.

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About Minion

revista tiypo

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Director: Hector Montes de Oca
Editor: Francisco Calles
Co-Editor: Nacho Peón
Language: Spanish

A typography and design magazine published in Mexico City. Since 2002.
tiypo is the only magazine in Mexico specialized in typography, the interest of tiypo is to spread the typographic and iconografic work that is developed inside and outside Mexico.
In addition it wants to be the main forum of new generation of Mexican typographers, that in the last ten years, have been creating new typographies that little by little have filtered in lands of the national and international design.
Tiypo also has developed parallel projects in which it has invited to participate diverse designers from Argentina, Germany, The Netherlands, USA, Venezuela, Spain and Mexico. In these projects, the typography was applied to posters (Tipografía, Lenguaje visible), animations (tiypo-movil) and recently the creation of a dingbat called Mexinbat tiypo.


tiypo magazine

Dutch Type Library

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Paco Fernandez

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