Please help ID this record sticker type. Thank you!

Hi typophiles,
I'm a humble web designer trying to improve my typography skills. At this point I'm particularly concerned with spacing issues. I've read several books and at the moment these are the tips I've been able to gather. I'm hoping some of you might help me improve, correct or refine this list or point me to any relevant literature on the subject. Please excuse me if I get any of the terminology wrong. Like I said, I'm a novice. Also, I'm having to write this on a tablet so I apologize in advance for any mistakes in the text.

Reduce if:
- large body size (+ adjust kerning)
Augment if:
- small body size
- all caps (+ adjust kerning)


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Tivoli gothic?

I'm trying really hard to identify a font. The designer says that the font he is using is "Tivoli gothic". But I can't seem to find it anywhere.

Assuming it's not plain 20-pound bond, what paper weight and rag content do you prefer for the official (signed) hard copies of your personal documents? Thanks.

I was hoping someone might be able to help me ID this script face. I have been looking at all kinds of monoline and low contrast script typefaces and have been unable to track down this one. It is from a current Neenah Paper Sample called "Pocket Folders." Any help on this is much appreciated!

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