Pendula™ is an adaptation of Pittorseques Droites (Scenic Casual) found in the circa 1924 specimen book of La Fonderie Typographique Francaise. Changes to a very small number of the original characters were made to make the typeface work better with more languages, as well as for aesthetic reasons. A newly designed Cyrillic character set was added to make the design even more useful, enlarging the character set from the basic Latin set to over 650 glyphs covering seven languages. Pendula™ also includes tabular and proportional number sets plus a bonus set of over thirty monetary symbols. Other international symbols were included too. It is a wonderfully casual and flexible design, usable in many situations.

Dear all, does anyone know about nice script typeface, alternative to Lavanderia http://www.losttype.com/lavanderia/ that would work in Polish? Good or at least acceptable diacritics required, and readable version of digraphs used in Polish (rz, cz, sz), like those in Liza.

Most of the scripts, I have found, use "z" with the bottom loop and the script version of the "r" (like in Feel Script), which is not always readable in Polish.

Hi there,

ok, you'll have excuse the language I might use, no it's not rude, but I am relatively new to type design. I've been asked by my company, a national newspaper in Ireland to create Polish versions of the typefaces we use. At the moment our typefaces have no Polish characters. I can draw the required characters no problem in Fontlab, I found an excellent article online on how to do this but when it comes to generating the actual font I'm running into difficulties.

Our publishing system ONLY allows Windows postscript fonts which have a character limit of 255. My new glyphs are not showing up in the generated font. So my question is, how do can I achieve this? Many thanks.

regards, Chris

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