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Enclosed is a rather simplistic A/B test script cribbed from stuff on the web and held together with shell-o-tape. It is run on a hacked-on-a-lot asmutils 0.18 httpd, hence the crude CGI interface.

It, and all other scripts attached, are licensed under the WTFPL. In short, you may do Whatever The F* you want to with them.

Hello Typophiles!
We are proud to announce our new release!

"LOGOMOTION" by Fernando Díaz: a typeface specially designed for logotypes, but can also be used in headlines, posters & signage. It has many OpenType feature programming, that give a more playful and rhythmic spirit, creating an interesting geometric-sans and script mix.


Looks to be like a run-of-the-mill brush type but need to have an exact identification for this particular one if possible. Thanks!

Sent to me by a client, I don't know the link or origin of this pic. She's just crazy about the fonts and I could use some help. Thank you!

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air asia type

Hi, I'm looking for a font that looks like or maybe exactly used in Air Asia logo.
Or anything that's in that category.

I know for some time that this site has experienced members who know fonts more than anyone.
So, hopefully somebody can help and suggest me fonts that have similar script/handwritten character.
Thank you heaps.

I need help identifying the 2 typefaces in this image. Sorry for the low quality image, this was all the info I received from my boss to rebuild part of this logo :s

Catchy monoline script inspired by hand made products, from picky tasty food, soaps, chocolates, candies to ice creams, textile products and wedding invitations.

Refren comes as our 25th font family, on 7th May, on our 3rd birthday.

(will be available in all shops in next few days)

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Point v Point

I think this is technical enough for Build...

I tossed this little conversion script together today to brush up on my (rather feeble) awk skills. All it does is convert points to mm and spew out some CSS classes. Might be useful for someone...

#! /bin/sh

# Only tested on ash and bash and with GNU awk.

unset Pts
while getopts pt: f
 case $f in
  t) Pts="pt=$OPTARG" ;;
shift `expr $OPTIND - 1`

LC_ALL=C awk '
BEGIN            { pts=0.352778 }
pt=="DTP"        { pts=0.352778 }
pt=="Postscript" { pts=0.352778 }
pt=="TeX"        { pts=0.351460 }
pt=="Pica"       { pts=0.351460 }
pt=="Didot"      { pts=0.375972 }
pt=="Cicero"     { pts=0.376065 }
pt=="Berthold"   { pts=0.376000 }
pt=="Imprimerie" { pts=0.400000 }

NF==0 { print }
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Script font

Can anyone identify this script font?

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Detellos pizza

Cannot for the life of me identify the script used for "Detellos" any help would be much appreciated.

We need to identify a typestyle for some boat lettering. The example attached is only as an aid to track down the font.
I've tried What The Font, and so far, no results. It seemingly cannot place the "L".

Of course, any help would be most appreciated.

Hi everyone,

I’m looking for an ID on the typeface Target used for “celebrate earth month” here:


Hi everyone,

I’m looking for an ID on the typeface Target used for “celebrate earth month” here:


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Retro Script

Retro script, possibly custom?

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Script similar to Bickham

Need help identifying this font. The Capital C is similar to Bickham, but the other characters don't match Bickham, and have a larger x-height.

P22 Casual Script Pro is a flexible OpenType font based on mid-20th Century hand drawn advertising lettering scripts. As an alternate to thicker casual script styles, this free-flowing thin brush style is evocative of vintage product advertisements and packaging lettering and is highly suitable for a retro flavor.


Did Somebody know, what that Script Font is used in the Pirelli Art-Movie from 1965?

(The Tortoise and the Hare)

Uploaded with

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Must find Natalie

I need help identifying the "Natalie" on this image. Thanks for all the help!

Altered Ego Fonts announces the release of AE Prosperity, the first original script typeface released by Altered Ego®.

Originally commissioned in 2003, AE Prosperity (the typeface) is named after the schooner Prosperity, that sailed the high seas in 1779. The ship was granted a Letter of Marque to become an auxiliary of the navy by a young continental congress. Wıth 6 guns & at twenty tons, she sailed for patriotism and profit. The schooner Prosperity was captained by Joseph Sooy, an ancestor of Brian Sooy, the principal designer of Altered Ego Fonts.

Desperately trying to find this casual script font. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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I need some help

Hey everyone, I'm new to the forum but have been a longtime reader. My company is starting an auxiliary business, and we want the logo to follow the same design as our main business. However, I do not know the fonts on the main logo and could use some help. Thanks in advance!

A script font I need identified, unsure of origin.

Can anyone tell me the name of this font or who the typographer is?

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Script font

Any help is greatly appreciated!
Also, is the upper-case B the same font as the rest?
Thank you.

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