This is an example of a movie-poster typeface drawn by German poster designer Hans Otto Wendt. I am looking for a font with a similar feel. What I particularly love is the brushstroke-look this has goin' on.
Any ideas would be much appreciated!

Anyone have an ID on this baseball script?

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Wedding Type

Can anyone identify both these faces?

Thank you!

Hello Everyone!

I was wondering if anyone had any insights to what this custom logo wordmark was derived from? Any closest matches?
Thanks so much for the help!

I've found that using something like What The Font?! is pretty much fruitless when trying to identify fonts that are too decorative or scripty, so I'm hoping the good folks here can help me out.

I'm uploading a few images of some fonts I'm interested in identifying for some projects. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Can someone please identify this font for me???

Hi gang! I only post infrequently, but I was puzzled about something lately and had to ask ... with all the riffs and homages to Helvetica over the years, hasn't anyone done a script version of the typeface? I assumed this would be simple to find, but after a bit of searching, I came up with nothing.

It seems to me that such a face could be not only beautiful (and in some ways, funny), but also fill what I perceive as a void of highly legible, non-expressive modern script faces.

I've attached a ridiculously rough sketch of what I'm talking about ... I'd love any leads to a face like this, and any opinions on whether such a face would be a terrible idea or not. Thanks!

The capital letters in this are Mistral, but I cannot figure out the lowercase. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks so much : )

I'm trying to duplicate a font that my company used for a client but our computer crashed and we lost all our font files. I've been searching high and low for this particular font...I get close but never anything that really nails it...i need help ASAP! I don't want to lose this super important client over not being able to find this font! Thank you everyone for your input and help with this!! Help me forum're my only hope!!

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Vintage-y Script

Anyone know what font "Celebrity Skin" is?



I was curious as to what the script font under the WB logo is... I believe this title card was used in the '40s and '50s. Thanks

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Funky Retro script?

Hi Typophiles,

Can anyone help with this script font?
Or can suggest something similar?



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Daphne by Georg Salden

Daphne was developed from a text written with a broad nib pen. A large number of calligraphic swashes are available for the strong and sharp-edged figures of Daphne Expert. They can be added to the letters via OpenType feature. Because many swashes fit on different characters, the combinations possible are endless. Alternate and complete swash characters offer additional options. An unique application for designers with a calligraphic instinct.

Hi all!

Need help identifying the font below. It is from anywhere between the 1950s to the mid 70s. Any help would be appreciated in finding out what it is. I have looked EVERYWHERE.


Can anyone help me ID the retro script font used for "Mountain" on this stationary. Thanks!

Saw this the other day and would love to know what the font is. Looks pretty contemporary, but any ideas gratefully received.

Many thanks!

This font was on a book in the movie the fountain. I've tried identifying it everywhere but failed miserably. I even cleared out all the colors and made it clear. Can anyone help me?

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SCRIPT font help!

I really need help finding this font, if anyone can help - I posted this same topic a few months ago with no reply.

The picture says "Graceland"

Yesterday I introduced "IndyFont" to the InDesign community, there might be some interested parties over here as well, both in practical use as in technical details :-)

IndyFont is a Javascript that runs under InDesign CS4 and newer, on both Mac OSX and Windows, and which converts vector art in an InDesign document to an OpenType font.

Hi I'm looking for this font type. If there are other nice script fonts you think would work well for boat lettering please let me know. The name of the boat is "Stream Weaver". Any suggestions are much appreciated.

Thanks kindly

We are proud to announce the release of Storefront.

Storefront is what the prolific and talented American sign painters of the 1920s and 1930s would have created if they had access to the advanced lettering and type technologies we have today. Rooted in an incomplete Alf Becker alphabet sample, Storefront is my usual overdose on alternates and swashes, my eternal attempt at giving typesetting that ever-elusive handmade impression.

Can anyone identify this retro script?

Hello Typophiles!
We are proud to announce that our type LOGOMOTION is now at #26 Hot New Fonts ranking in Myfonts! (And growing)

"LOGOMOTION" by Fernando Díaz: a typeface specially designed for logotypes, but can also be used in headlines, posters & signage. It has many OpenType feature programming, that give a more playful and rhythmic spirit, creating an interesting geometric-sans and script mix.

P22 Cezanne

P22 Cezanne was initially designed by Michael Want in 1996 while he was at P22 type foundry. Cezanne is based on the hand written correspondences of French Impressionist painter Paul Cézanne.

P22 Cezanne was originally created for the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Upon it’s release it quickly became one of the most popular fonts of the1990’s, and has remained very popular to this day.

Hello. This is from a photographers book. I actually cannot quite tell if this is a script, or if it's an italic version of a font. If anyone could help me out, that would be fantastic! Thanks.

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