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Funky Retro script?

Hi Typophiles,

Can anyone help with this script font?
Or can suggest something similar?



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Daphne by Georg Salden

Daphne was developed from a text written with a broad nib pen. A large number of calligraphic swashes are available for the strong and sharp-edged figures of Daphne Expert. They can be added to the letters via OpenType feature. Because many swashes fit on different characters, the combinations possible are endless. Alternate and complete swash characters offer additional options. An unique application for designers with a calligraphic instinct.

Hi all!

Need help identifying the font below. It is from anywhere between the 1950s to the mid 70s. Any help would be appreciated in finding out what it is. I have looked EVERYWHERE.


Can anyone help me ID the retro script font used for "Mountain" on this stationary. Thanks!

Saw this the other day and would love to know what the font is. Looks pretty contemporary, but any ideas gratefully received.

Many thanks!

This font was on a book in the movie the fountain. I've tried identifying it everywhere but failed miserably. I even cleared out all the colors and made it clear. Can anyone help me?

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SCRIPT font help!

I really need help finding this font, if anyone can help - I posted this same topic a few months ago with no reply.

The picture says "Graceland"

Yesterday I introduced "IndyFont" to the InDesign community, there might be some interested parties over here as well, both in practical use as in technical details :-)

IndyFont is a Javascript that runs under InDesign CS4 and newer, on both Mac OSX and Windows, and which converts vector art in an InDesign document to an OpenType font.

Hi I'm looking for this font type. If there are other nice script fonts you think would work well for boat lettering please let me know. The name of the boat is "Stream Weaver". Any suggestions are much appreciated.

Thanks kindly

We are proud to announce the release of Storefront.

Storefront is what the prolific and talented American sign painters of the 1920s and 1930s would have created if they had access to the advanced lettering and type technologies we have today. Rooted in an incomplete Alf Becker alphabet sample, Storefront is my usual overdose on alternates and swashes, my eternal attempt at giving typesetting that ever-elusive handmade impression.

Can anyone identify this retro script?

Hello Typophiles!
We are proud to announce that our type LOGOMOTION is now at #26 Hot New Fonts ranking in Myfonts! (And growing)

"LOGOMOTION" by Fernando Díaz: a typeface specially designed for logotypes, but can also be used in headlines, posters & signage. It has many OpenType feature programming, that give a more playful and rhythmic spirit, creating an interesting geometric-sans and script mix.

P22 Cezanne

P22 Cezanne was initially designed by Michael Want in 1996 while he was at P22 type foundry. Cezanne is based on the hand written correspondences of French Impressionist painter Paul Cézanne.

P22 Cezanne was originally created for the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Upon it’s release it quickly became one of the most popular fonts of the1990’s, and has remained very popular to this day.

Hello. This is from a photographers book. I actually cannot quite tell if this is a script, or if it's an italic version of a font. If anyone could help me out, that would be fantastic! Thanks.

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Easy to read script

I feel I've seen this font before, but am unsure how to go about finding it. Sadly, the guy who made the logo doesn't remember what font he used. No worried concerning the Arial Rounded on the bottom, but the "Meo Mio's" I need help identifying. Thanks.

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script id

can anyone tell me what typeface this (Perfect) is? or anything similar?

The original 101 Dalmations film has a lovely script typeface (see attached image)

Anyone know what it is?

Hello, I need to identify the font in the left part of the picture, I included both since the other one is P22 Sweepy and both of them are featured in the book Typosphere, however the book only talks about Sweepy and does not say anything about the other one.

In case it helps, the designer for Sweepy was Michael Clark.

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Enclosed is a rather simplistic A/B test script cribbed from stuff on the web and held together with shell-o-tape. It is run on a hacked-on-a-lot asmutils 0.18 httpd, hence the crude CGI interface.

It, and all other scripts attached, are licensed under the WTFPL. In short, you may do Whatever The F* you want to with them.

Hello Typophiles!
We are proud to announce our new release!

"LOGOMOTION" by Fernando Díaz: a typeface specially designed for logotypes, but can also be used in headlines, posters & signage. It has many OpenType feature programming, that give a more playful and rhythmic spirit, creating an interesting geometric-sans and script mix.


Looks to be like a run-of-the-mill brush type but need to have an exact identification for this particular one if possible. Thanks!

Sent to me by a client, I don't know the link or origin of this pic. She's just crazy about the fonts and I could use some help. Thank you!

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air asia type

Hi, I'm looking for a font that looks like or maybe exactly used in Air Asia logo.
Or anything that's in that category.

I know for some time that this site has experienced members who know fonts more than anyone.
So, hopefully somebody can help and suggest me fonts that have similar script/handwritten character.
Thank you heaps.

I need help identifying the 2 typefaces in this image. Sorry for the low quality image, this was all the info I received from my boss to rebuild part of this logo :s

Catchy monoline script inspired by hand made products, from picky tasty food, soaps, chocolates, candies to ice creams, textile products and wedding invitations.

Refren comes as our 25th font family, on 7th May, on our 3rd birthday.

(will be available in all shops in next few days)

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