I must have seen this script 100 times in my career. Now, when I need it, I can't find it. I'm in tears here. Anyone?

Does anybody know what font this might be?

Thank you! :D

I'm looking for the original font that may have served as the basis for the font "Nelio" shown below. Any ideas?

Nelio can be found here:

I'm wondering if anyone can identify some of these typefaces. So far I've only been able to figure out their use of Hellenic Wide (not in this example) and a typeface that looks close to Refrigerator and one that looks close to Kaufmann.

Hello! Does anybody know what handwriting font is used on the Frankie Magazine website (

Thanks :)

This is not a direct type ID, but I am hoping I can get some thoughts on an existing font that has similar properties.

I'm working on an identity project for a local emerging fashion designer and after having done a cursory evaluation of her brand, I'm on the hunt for a font to pair with it. We are going for old Hollywood with a modern and fresh twist. Jessica Hische is one of my design idols and I happened across a book cover she did and the look of it fits perfectly - if only she extrapolated this into a font!

Looks retro
Still very modern and fresh
Very clean
Slightly feminine

I was wondering how one goes about modifying glyphs of the Amharic script to a specific distressed/display style, so it's still understandable to people reading it? I need to make an Ethiopian version of a custom designed latin logotype and would like the Amharic letterforms to retain the look.

Original latin logo:

A quick Amharic version:

Original Amharic script font:

Is this a custom font? If so, any alternative for the font?
Thank you


I'm trying to make my own address labels for my wedding invitations & I can't find good fonts, for free, or very cheap!

I would LOVE thee fonts or something VERY similar! i know some of these are repeated, but I figured it might make it easier.



Thanks in advance
- kib

Any body recognize this script/handwritten font? Thanks so much for your help, it's much appreciated. :)

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Handwritten font ID

Need help identifying this font. Client wants to use it but I can't find it.

You’d think a typophile website would credit their logotype on the footer—but they don’t. Anyone know what typeface is used (or who custom lettered the type) for this websites header? Thanks.

This could be hand-drawn. Their site uses "English Hand DB Regular" for headings and at a glance it's a decent match but that's definitely not what the logo uses. I've tried to hunt down the graphic designer but can't get anywhere. A client wants this font for a poetry design.

Does anyone recognize this font or was it hand drawn? Thanks:)

Hi guys, I am working on a documentary and I want to be able to use the same typeface as this flag. One problem is that I am finding it very hard to identify or find something similar. I really hope you guys can help! Thanks so much :)

A client wants a match for this font. I'm not sure if this is vectorized from hand-calligraphy or a script font. Any ideas? Thanks for your brainy time! :)

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Script font

Hi there

Anyone know of a typeface that closest matches the "Food Guide" in this logo?
I realise it is probably hand-done, but am looking for a font kind of like this.

Thanks for any help you can give.

Thanks guys!

This font was on a 2012 wedding invitation, and these three letters are all I have. I've been looking for the distinctive, loopy d, but haven't been able to find it.

Thanks, if you can!

Not sure if this is an existing face or custom typography.
Does anyone recognize it?


We are finalizing a new Diwani font and we open this thread for discussion...

Samples from Aratypo Aisha Diwanee :

Please feel free to post any comment regarding this project...

Contact: aratypo [@] gmail. com

This is an example of a movie-poster typeface drawn by German poster designer Hans Otto Wendt. I am looking for a font with a similar feel. What I particularly love is the brushstroke-look this has goin' on.
Any ideas would be much appreciated!

Anyone have an ID on this baseball script?

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Wedding Type

Can anyone identify both these faces?

Thank you!

Hello Everyone!

I was wondering if anyone had any insights to what this custom logo wordmark was derived from? Any closest matches?
Thanks so much for the help!

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